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Monday, December 31, 2007

Letter of The Week

I'm working on some new letters, but for now, I am writing directly to you - the reader.

Do you have magazines you read and either throw away or stuff in the recycle bin? Would you be willing to spend the little bit of postage every month to send them to a Katrina Survivor Family?

I have found 3 very important things by doing this for 1 of the families on the Real People Relief blog:
1) Having magazines come every month brings about a very important sense of normalcy for the family. Nothing makes you feel like life is returning than to just sit and read a magazine. But, since so many are still unable to afford such a luxury, it's something they don't get to realize.
2) The family has something to look forward to every month. Having one little bright spot is so important. So, while this takes some dedication on your part, the family will become so much more emotionally charged by it that it helps with every day life.
3) The childrens' grades go up! The one family I am sending ours to has seen the kids' grades go up a full letter. How else can you spend so little for such a substantial gain? Just from magazines being in the house on a regular basis, these kids are seeing a very real positive gain in their lives that will affect them for decades. All for about 2 bucks in postage every month and 4-5 magazines we've all read.

Plus, these families share the magazines. So you're not just affecting one family, but many.

If you live in the Binghamton area and would just like to drop off magazines to be shipped, please contact me at KatrinaCoalition @ aol.com. If you would like to send these directly to a family, please contact me and I will give you a list of suggested magazines (but certainly isn't limited to the list) and we can arrange for you to send them to a family directly.

And if nothing else - please seriously consider taking them to a local nursing home, library, the VA hospital/clinic or even the jail. All of these locations can find substantial use for your magazines.

Thank you!


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Monday, December 24, 2007

Family Resources

Looking For Residence I didn't find any apartments in Hancock County, but did through Harrison County on this site...

12/24/07 http://www.cheapkidsclothes.com/ - I've bought from this lady and she's GREAT. The clothes are great and her prices are perfect! She takes all sorts of different payments, so anyone with internet access can use the site. It's a great alternative if you don't have any consignment shops or such around.

Reminder of Tax Deductions
MS Homestead Deduction

Tax Information - new dates! Updated in July with new deadline dates.

Car Deductions You can deduct:• 34 1/2 cents per mile if you use your car for business (IRS Publication 463, Travel Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses)• 14 cents per mile if you use your car during charity work (IRS Instructions for Schedule A, Itemized Deductions)• 12 cents per mile if you use your car for medical care (IRS Instructions for Schedule A, Itemized Deductions)• 12 cents per mile if you use your car to move to a new job (IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses)
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), also known as the Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a Federal income tax credit for low-income working individuals and families. The EITC reduces the amount of taxes owed. If the credit exceeds the amount of taxes owed, it is possible to get a refund check.
The child tax credit is a credit on your taxes up to $600 for each of your children. This will increase in stages up to $1,000 in 2010. To be able to take this credit you must meet certain requirements. The credit is limited to people with an income below a certain modified adjusted gross income level.
The Tax Counseling for the Elderly program was designed to provide free taxpayer assistance to those ages 60 and above. The staff usually consists of retired individuals associated with nonprofit organizations that receive grants from the IRS to perform this service. Often they provide counseling in retirement homes, neighborhood sites or private houses of the homebound.
These publications are free from your local IRS office, by calling 1-800-829-3676 or download from http://www.irs.gov/.

One Time Tax Credit from Phone Tax

Legal Assistance
Katrina Legal Aid (thank you Karen!)

NOVA National Organization Victims Assistance
Information and Referrals for Victims of Crime and Disaster: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Call 1-800-TRY-NOVA (1-800-879-6682) or (703) 535-NOVA (6682)

FEMA has a new Recertification Form that applicants receiving rental assistance must fill out and return
If FEMA is trying to recoup (get back) money FEMA gave to you and FEMA sent you a bill, here's some information for you and a fill-in-the-blank appeal letter for you to use: Appeal Application Call your local Legal Aid office for help if you need it. Heather E. Godwin Staff Attorney, Louisiana License Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, Inc. Austin, Texas

MS Center for Justice
Mississippi Center for Justice P. O. Box 1023 Jackson, MS 39215-1023 Phone: (601) 352-2269

LA Legal Assistance
The American Bar Association is offering its services for hurricane relief. In Louisiana, call 1-800-310-7029.

Capital Area Legal Service Corp (AL)
Since 1958, CALSC has expanded its service area tremendously. CALSC now serves twelve (12) parishes which include: Ascension, Assumption, East and West Baton Rouge,East and West Feliciana, Iberville, Lafourche, Pointe Coupee, St. James, St. John and Terrebonne. (Provide elderly services only in St. Charles).
200 Third Street Baton Rouge, LA

General Assistance
http://www.cheapkidsclothes.com/ - I've bought from this lady and she's GREAT. The clothes are great and her prices are perfect! She takes all sorts of different payments, so anyone with internet access can use the site. It's a great alternative if you don't have any consignment shops or such around.

6/5/06 UHaul Helping - From Leslie T
UHAUL - Free 30 Day Storage For Disaster Survivors - ((PDT))FROM THE WEBSITE: Our charitable focus is on community relations through the endorsement of social programs, agencies and events that directly serve the most basic of human needs - food, clothing and shelter. U-Haul does not have a charitable foundation or formal grant, scholarship or sponsorship program. Requests for donations and sponsorship proposals must be submitted in writing at least three weeks prior to event or need, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Any requests received outside of the three week timeframe will be automatically denied.
E-mail: publicrelations@uhaul.com
Mail:U-Haul Public Relations
Attn: Donation or Sponsorship
2727 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Disaster relief
U-Haul offers 30 days of free storage to people affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. at participating U-Haul self-storage facilities on an as-available basis. (Nationwide Plan)We believe in helping our neighbors who desperately need to evacuate or take items out of their homes while they put their lives back together. U-Haul is an integral part of each community we serve. We were built by the same people who are affected by natural disasters, and are proud to be able to give something back to the community during a time of need. For more information about our programs please contact us at 602-263-6194 or e-mail us at publicrelations@uhaul.com

3/25 Red Cross Safe and Well Site - Let Others Know You're OK
3/25 Government Benefit Search Site
3/24 Scam Ed
3/23 Pet Assistance site
3/14 AARP Family Resources
2/23 Helping Each Other General Public Assistance $1,000 While You Wait For Gov’t Money - General Public Assistance or just Public Assistance is a welfare program offered in 42 states. This is a program of last resort for people either waiting to qualify for other government programs such as disability benefits, or who do not qualify for any programs, yet need money to live. The program eligibility and benefit levels vary within and across state lines. In some states, this benefit is only available in certain areas. There are strict income and asset levels that you must meet to qualify. Contact your local welfare office, your state Department of Social Service, or your state Temporary Assistance to Needy Families office to see what your state offers and the eligibility requirements.

Job Search

3/12 Debt Reduction Counceling To make an appointment with an Operation Hope financial advisor call 1-888-388 HOPE.
Story about their work: http://www.wlox.com/Global/story.asp?S=5953113

Debt Reduction Suggestions

Stretch Your Grocery Dollar (from Karen!)

Here is a great site I belong to that helps you stretch your grocery dollars. It may seem really frugal to some, but there is some good advice and recipes to be found along the way.

Pantry Challenge

Some Tips to Reduce Food Budget

6/12 www.LivingOnADime.com
6/12 Woman's Day Mag Quiz/article on smart spending

Camp Victor - MS Only
Camp Victor has a number of services to help those displaced or otherwise effected by Hurricane Katrina.
1515 Government Street
Ocean Springs, MS 39564-3825
phone: 228-872-5745

Shared Housing - a possible option to stay in your home...
New FEMA Call Center Open
A new Mississippi Maintenance/Applicant Support Call Center has been opened by FEMA to handle FEMA trailer maintenance problems and other issues. Is exclusively for applicants residing in Mississippi. Staff is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take calls.

Junior Auxilliary of MS
Email us at: info@jagulfport.org
The Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport,
Inc PO Box 6452
Gulfport, MS 39506
Our phone is: (228) 860-4020
They Run:
The Smile
Dental Health Program
The `Special Projects' portion of the program addresses acute needs of children and families that fall outside of traditional areas
The General Welfare project

Gulf Coast Women's Center
Sandra Morrison, Director
Post Office Box 333
Biloxi, MS 39533

Another "Adopt a Family" Site to Register With Help Out A Family

Food Sources
2/3 Starting a Community Garden For You and Your Community
Free Emergency Food
The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a Federal program that helps supplement the diets of low-income needy people, including elderly people, by providing them with emergency food and nutrition assistance at no cost.
States provide the food to local agencies that they have selected, usually food banks, which in turn, distribute the food to soup kitchens and food pantries that directly serve the public. Contact Food and Nutrition Service – USDA, Food Distribution Division, 3101 Park Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302; 703-305-2888; Fax: 703-305-2420;

Angel Food Ministries
Your cost - $25. Their cost - at least $75. Delivered monthly if in your area.
Second HarvestFind a food bank closest to you just select your state or zip code
Free Items - Freebie Empire
Just about everything has a free sample listed

Other Resource Pages
Education Assistance Elderly
Emotional Resources
Family Resources
Furniture and More
Grandfamily/Single Parent ResourcesGrants for Individuals - does not include homeowner or repair grants
Home/Utility LA Family Resources
Medical ResourcesMortgage Resources

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Track Santa!


421 PM est and he's in Libya!
855 PM est he's in Paraguay!

Interactive spot for the kids - games and such...

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Help Being Delivered

Well folks,
I'm not going to argue with our work.
It never seems like enough, but I won't argue one bit!
Because of family and friends, I know the following efforts to be true:

National Geographic For Kids sent to 10 homes for 27 kids
Reader's Digest sent to 9 homes for 25 kids and 18 adults
Clothes sent to 5 families with 14 kids
Stuffed animals sent to 5 families for 8 kids
Stuffed animals sent to 1 organization for 40 kids
Christmas Tree "kits" (ornaments, lights, tinsel, tree skirt, tree) to 3 families with 10 kids
3 families getting full Christmas
4 families getting more than just the magazines
12/14 - another family getting more than just magazines. I've not had the brain power to put them on the wish list yet, but they are getting some clothes, thanks to another family member.
1 woman getting pulmonary rehab for another 3 months

This has all happened in 21 boxes over the last 3 weeks. It's been a whirlwind of a time, but has been by FAR the best Christmas I've ever had.

There is still a real need for assistance. I have had 2 more families request assistance in the last 2 days. Plus there are the families that are only getting a few items, or just the magazines for their Christmas. (1 of these has had some stuff delivered)

The need for normalcy is beyond critical at this point. These folks are badly needing a ray of hope to continue the daily struggle for recovery. Please consider helping some of them out.

12/15 My deepest gratitude to the following people:

The pharmacy apps department at Greater Baltimore Medical Center

These are the people who have made this Christmas so special to me and every family listed above.

12/19 I sent out Thank You's to those I'm not near enough to thank personally and that I have addresses for. One thing I want to address here is how long-lasting affect something as simple as giving someone Christmas can be.

These people are not forgotten. They are not invisible. By helping them, you have made them human again. You have restored dignity. The most precious gift you have given wasn't wrapped with a box inside and bow outside. It is completely intangible, but the most profound. Restoring faith in a fellow human, a fellow American, that hope does exist, that something more than a hand out exists - a hand up.

1 day. These families have 1 day to say, we have survived for a reason. We have 1 day to be a normal family, with the chaos, excitement and mess that comes with Christmas. The relief of knowing the children will have at least one present to unwrap, to look forward to. 1 day to forget the tragedy they live every other day of the year.

Reduced stress. Their lingering problems are still there. Bills to pay, Dealing with FEMA, Dealing with insurance companies. But the stress of buying, wrapping, trying to figure out WHAT to buy, how to pay for it, how to get to the store, finding the time to get to the stores, it's stress we all dread. But try to do it under their circumstances. Last year was a pride issue - letting them get the items themselves with gift cards. Every family I heard from was just as happy to have someone else do the shopping - it was just too much to deal with.

Future. This families will have a better future. It sounds stupid. But this one simple act will help the children stay out of drugs and violence, will help the parents remain together, and depending on what was given, could be just the one hand up they need to restore their lives to a previous level of financial security. I've had 2 families last year achieve this, so I feel at least 1 more will this year.

Lessons Learned. The children learn how giving can be done with dignity and grace - and how important it is - no matter how small or large the act.

These are the gifts you've given. The boxes you shipped, the items you had ordered, they are the smallest portion of your Christmas giving.

For that I thank you from the depths of my heart.

At some point in the near future, I will list the names of the folks we have helped - so that it's far less impersonal and far more human.

Thank you!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tod Davis

12/13/07 I just confirmed what the comments on this page are saying. Tod isn't making good on his promise of repayment.
I'm not making excuses for him. I don't know him! I hadn't heard anything about the man until I heard he was dying, which obviously hasn't happened yet.
Many people have lost money to him, which is sad. It truly jades their views and makes them far less likely to help others in need.
All I can say is, there are some truly nasty and manipulative people out there. I don't know if it was his intent to swindle, or if he just figured he was entitled since he had his own disaster occur prior to Katrina. (from what I've heard, he's from a midwestern state and lost everything - flood? don't know)
There is no real recourse in a case like this. Small claims court decisions can't be enforced, although they may go on your credit history. I don't know what to do about putting leins on property, but might be possible for larger amounts.
And Diane is right - as I get the news about different pages on my blog, I need to do the updates. Unfortunately, I think all of the volunteers who have dealt with him are embarassed to say they were taken for a ride too, so are either not saying anything, or are defending him still. This is why I never heard anymore about him.
I do hope he has a moment of conscience and repays people - even if it's only a % on the dollar. To make a good faith effort to right a wrong goes a lot further than righting it with ill intent.

I've heard of Tod through a newsgroup I joined in the last 6 weeks.
He has spent countless hours in the gulf - may be FROM the gulf for all I know.
But he's been infected by a lung infection of unknown etiology - big word for what a mounts to glazed eyes and a shrug from the doctors. They don't know what's going on.

This was posted by Jenni Dodds to the group today:

After hurricane Katrina he went out and helped many other people. He was exposed to many different toxins. Because it was in his system so long and he has many allergies to medications the doctors have let him know that they feel nothing they can give him is going to work.
It has caused great strain on him financially but he's never begged and was always there for others.
A couple of days ago he spoke out in anger because to get through this you have to work as a team.
There are no Heroes there are no Angels. There are just human beings trying to survive.

He gave me these words directly. "Be kind to one another. And give the best gift of all "Love".

He has been instructed to make final plans.
From Jenni:
God Bless you Tod we love you ! And we will be there for your family.

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Holiday Season In Need

I know we all have people in our communities needing assistance with the holidays. But I want to highlight the needs that are still being unmet along the Gulf Coast since hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

So many people are still unable to celebrate the holidays in any fashion. Paying bills is proving too difficult, much less the luxuries of a big meal or gifts being within their budgets.

I have had 3 new families join the Real People Relief blog in the last month alone. All of these folks are just not able to keep up with life. Commutes are longer. Pay is less. Bills are 20%-100% higher. 2 income families are splitting, leaving 1 income to pay all the bills. 1 income families are losing their jobs. Even for a week, this proves catastrophic. 12/12/07 - 2 new families in as many days. Please consider helping!

And every family has but one wish - for Christmas for the children. The children! Not for themselves - the adults. But their children.

I have sent a note out to my family and friends, asking them to join me in assisting 3 families through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year, I helped 1 family. This year, it needs to be more. Why? Because hope is fading. Donations to organizations are dwindling (for the very reasons listed above). Those of us who can, even in the smallest of ways, must step up and help.

Very soon, I will be posting information on organizations needing assistance for their holiday plans. As I receive the information, the pages will be updated.
Here's the link for easier access

I ask YOU to do something.
- a sample is here:
Write a letter to the editor
Write a letter to your local churches

Make a poster (use or copy) post at local public gathering places (laundromats, restaurants, schools, colleges, etc.)

I'll be doing all of the above, as well as helping 3 of my families. What are you going to do? Let me know - write a comment or write to me directly and I'll post the general information.

12/8 Well, that 200 is still being spent. I went to Reader's Digest online ED.com - and ordered 9 subscriptions to the same families who are getting the National Geographic for Kids. This way, both adults and kids will have something to look forward to all year. AND - by paying when I ordered, I got 3 subscriptions for the price of 1. Which makes it so I can add a family (small one) to buy for. I hope to do that tomorrow. We'll see.
I've sent out close to 20 boxes so far - and that's just my collection of stuff. I do hope to get a call or two from local churches as well, but I'm not holding out hope. Life around here is very hard - not a lot of good work to be had.
I heard from my contact at the City of Waveland and found out at least 2 organizations are going to be helping with their Xmas assistance program because of the page I set up. Good! They had 2 dozen families signed up before they even announced they were doing this. So, it's scary how many people are still in need.
My sister sent my the list of items they have collected thus far for Thai and her family. It truly excites me that it will be such a good Xmas for them!
I have more fun doing Xmas this way than 'the normal way'. I don't need anything. I don't have ROOM for anything more. So why have people get stuff for me or I get anything for them?
I'd love to hear what others are doing this Christmas. Let me know and I'll make posts for each.

12/3 WOW - a friend just dropped me a $200 check! I was thinking maybe 100. WOW. So, 3 families are getting everything for a tree. The tree itself (prelit), tree skirt, tinsel, tree topper, ornaments, and hooks.
The check has also just bought 2 more subscriptions to National Geographic for Kids - it will be read by 7 kids who get to look forward to it all year long. My kind of Christmas gift!
I still have money left, so will be checking my list again and seeing what I can come up with for folks. Ha! Life is good!
I've shipped clothes to the 9 girls, a tree kit to 1 family, have boxed up another tree kit for another family and have shipped the rest of the stuffed animals out to Waveland - about 40 left from the girls. I still have to go through the shoes I got, but that's what tomorrow is for.

12/2 Luck has remained with me for once! I called a guy who had an ad in the paper about stuffed animals. Not only those, but girls clothes as well. I got all of the stuff yesterday for about $.30 per piece, washed it, cleaned it, sorted it and packed it up for my dad to take to the post office tomorrow. 9 girls have at least one new outfit each - if the stuff all fits! I have NO clue how parents buy for their kids. There are 2 different sets of S,M,L and then the overlap between kids and adults. I glazed over after awhile. Crap! So, I truly hope the stuff fits. It's all great clothing - Old Navy, Ltd, etc.

Plus, some toys thrown in just because and the rest of the stuffed animals will be sent to Waveland's Xmas program. They have 23 families thus far and have no idea how they'll cover them all. http://katrinanetworking.blogspot.com/2007/11/waveland-ms-christmas-needs.html
And another friend from the CoHR is going to buy what she can for a family that has dealt with health issues and death ever since The Storm hit. So I have to recount, but this is 6 completely and 8 partially. Great compared to last year!

Thank you to everyone, and please, keep up the great work!


11/14 - Update. Well, between my friends and family, we are helping 7 families have Thanksgiving and at least 3 have a real Christmas (11/26 *5* completely and 7 partially). I am thrilled and blessed to know such generous people. THIS is what Thanksgiving is about.

11/26 A friend has purchased 3 trees and 3 sets of 50 ornaments to send down, so am waiting to find the right families who will have something to put under the trees to send them.

Another friend has purchased 7 subscriptions to National Geographic For Kids that will give 13 kids something to look forward to all year long!

A family member's work department has sponsored one of the larger families on Real People Relief for Christmas and are starting to collect the items on their collective list as well as gift cards from some of their vendors!

A new friend (through the relief effort) has adopted 2 of the single families to assist throughout the year as well as this Christmas.

A family friend is taking care of Christmas for a new family on the list. It's a larger family too, so this is wonderful!

My latest project is complete. I have made 6 Christmas stockings for 2 of the families. 1 is being taken care of by one of the above mentioned and the other is the family my mother and I are taking care of for Christmas. The picture is at the top....

11/27 - I just got done shopping for this week. I do NOT see what the allure is. I never have. However, I went to Kohl's and got 50% off all toys, and then my mother paid for them, getting another 15% off the total. Woo! Shopping in teams really makes it worth the effort.

I also was able to have 60 stuffed animals promised to me for $15 by a father of 3 girls who have grown up. I may get some of the clothes too, we'll see if the woman going Thursday takes them all, or just some. So I'll be able to send more Christmas to more families than I thought! That makes me very happy! Go through your classifieds!

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Help Katrina Survivors This Christmas

12/12 - 2 new families in as many days. Will post their information as I get it gleaned...
First - What friends, family and I are doing for some survivors Updated 11/26

Now - do you want to help a family? If you are from the Binghamton Area and would like to assist, please contact me at KatrinaCoalition@aol.com. I am more than willing to pay for shipping if you are willing to buy the gifts. I have them categorized by family below, with head of households listed first. ALL of the families want the children taken care of first! Items in Bold Red are Promised to be gotten. 11/23 - list is up only a few hours and someone has already started helping! Woo!

Or would you like to help an organization helping Katrina Survivors? I am compiling a list of local Gulf organizations in need as well as national agencies that are assisting. You can contact them directly from the information I list, or you can contact me for further information. Have posted this on another page

The following is a Wishing Tree of sorts. It is all of the items that are needed by the families that are still able to contact me. Many have lost internet service - they can't afford home phones anymore. But, those who have responded have sent me lists of needs and wishes for this Christmas.

The following was written by one of the mothers:
12/1/07 As I said before, I know that many people think that everyone who went through Katrina must be settled by now, but that is far from true. We struggle daily with the loss of our town, community of friends and just dealing with the fact that overnight our lives have been changed forever...but in the end through our own determination and the help and kindness of others, our lives will be repaired and hopefully we will be stronger human beings. We have learned that there are wonderful people in this world such as you, who can and will make a difference in many lives...and on behalf of myself and my family, I thank you for that.

For Dogs - Many of the families have pets:
Flea Collars
Regular Collars

12/12 28 y.o. mother's children
Caleb - 9 sizes – top: 14 ,bottom: 14 husky, shoes 6 youth
For Xmas Glasses, Anything Pokemon, video games (National Geographic For kids Promised; Reader's Digest Promised, 1 Book, Some Pokemon promised)

Celina -2 - sizes – clothes 3T, shoes 8 toddler, diapers size 5
For Xmas Clothes, Shoes, Diapers, anything Dora, anything Diego (Dora coloring book, Barbie coloring book, stuffed animal Promised)

Cristina -1 sizes – clothes 12 m, shoes 2 infant, diapers size 2
For Xmas - Hair accessories, Hello Kitty, Light up toys, Age Appropriate toys (baby blanket, stuffed animal, promised)
12/12 39 y.o. mother's children
camrie 13-size 4 pants,large shirt.Size 9 shoes
blade 11,wears 14 pants,14 shirt
maycie 1 2t{a }.
We would like computers, games, baby educational toys. Music cd's, cd players. Thank you very much

69 y.o. Grandmother - Disabled with Bad Hips
Pinks, Blues & earth tones.
pants/jeans size 24
shirts (button ups or T-shirts).
Bra - 44D (no under wire please, white or beige)
Panties - Size 13 any color (she likes the silky fabric, rather than the cotton).
Shoes - 10 wide.
Socks - ankle socks size 10 women's (tennis & dress).
electrical drill with both forward and reverse, she would love an warm winter blanket - king size to wrap up in
Reader's Digest Promised
46 y.o. Mother - Disabled with traumatic arthritis
Purples & earth tones, frills
T-shirts - 3X-5X Long
Pants - 28 tall women's, 3X in stretch pants and shorts.
Bra - 44DD (no under wire please, any color) is allergic to fiberfill
Socks - Size ladies 9/10 anklets and crew cut (any color).
Shoes – 8 1/2 Wide/Extra wide
I do enjoy decoupage, crotchet, knitting, painting, drawing and other creative crafts.

32 y.o. Working Mother
Black (think subtle goth style)
Shirts/T's size S-M.
Skirts/pants/jeans size 0-4 women's. Some promised
Bra - 36A
Panties - Ladies size 6/7
Socks - Ladies size 9/9 1/2
Shoes - 9/10
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies. a warm ski suit, since she freezes even down here.

Their Children:
School Uniforms (all public schools in the south require uniforms)
Khaki, navy for pants, skirts and jumpers. Navy, light blue & Maroon for shirts. Socks - white, navy, maroon.
National Geographic For Kids Promised
15 y.o. girl
Camouflage, pinks, blues. Some promised
Shirts/T's size M-L ladies.
Skirts/pants/jeans size ladies 6/7
Bra - 36B
Panties - ladies 6/7 (any color)
Socks - ladies 9-91/2 anklet & crew
Shoes - women's size 9-10
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies.
Make up.
CD's - Country & Rap, DVD's - Comedy & Horror

14 y.o. Boy
Red, black, & green.
Shirts/T's - boys size L
Pants/shorts/jeans - size boys 18 regular
Boxers only - size 16/18
Socks - 9-91/2 crew
Shoes - men size 91/2 - 10 1/2
Model Cars & Airplanes Playstation-II Games DVD's - something 14 year old boys would like

13 y.o. Girl
Pinks, blues. Some promised
Shirts/T's size M-L ladies.
Skirts/pants/jeans size ladies 6/7
Bra - 36B - 36C (pastel)
Panties - ladies 6/7
Socks - ladies 9 - 91/2 anklet & crew Loves toe socks.
Shoes - women's size 9 - 9 1/2
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies, jewelry, stuffed animals. Something pretty to sit on her dresser, CD's Country (her favorites are Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Nelly and Kid's Pick), earrings, Make up and finger nail polish.

12 y.o. Boy
Yellow, blue & orange.
Shirts/T's - boys size L.
Pants/shorts/jeans - size boys 16 husky.
Boxers only - size 14/16
Socks - 9-9 1/2 crew
Shoes - size 8 1/2 - 9
X-Box Games, Playstation-II Games to play at a friend's house.

7 y.o Girl
Purples, reds/magenta, blues Some promised
Jumpers/dresses - size 12 -14 chubby.
Shirts/T's - child's size Large
Pants/shorts/jeans - size 12 - 14 chubby.
Socks - anklet & knee highs, Loves toe socks.
Shoes - 5 1/2
hair accessories and scrunchies. Children's DVD's (she loves watching these!), Mermaids, Brat dolls, Coloring Books.
28 y.o. Mother - unable to find consistent work
everyday/work environment attire , button down blouses, bottoms etc. I wear M/L in blouses it differs,sometimes L will be to big in blouses and tops sometimes not, ,bottoms size 12
Toiletries - all
Paper products - all
Dental assistance
Gas for travel.
Laptop for College
Christmas Tree "Kit" Promised
10 y.o. Girl
couple of burgundy uniform tops for school, navy bottom, everyday tops/bottoms, undergarments.
She is growing up. I was in denial still trying to squeeze her into a 10/12 but she needs size 14 bottoms,and 14 tops to be safe.
bratz the moviez remote control corvette cruiser
bratz atm machine
bratz microphone
bratz styling head (mannequinn head)
bratz cyber style kids interactive laptop
kids watch
mp3 player
clothes or gift card to purchase
shoes or gift card to purchase
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised
41 y.o. Mother/Grandmother
Clothes (shirts size large, pants 7, pajamas, socks, etc)
*Work clothes (blouses size large, dress pants size 7) 1 of each Promised
Purse - Promised
Pots or other kitchen items such as plastic storage containers, cooking utensils
Rice Cooker - Promised
Gift card for groceries would come in handy (Winn Dixie, Walmart, Sam's)
Reader's Digest Promised
21 y.o. woman
Clothes (Shirts size xlarge, jogging suit xl, paiamas, socks, etc)
Camera Promised
Photo album/scrapbooking items
Bath and body products (body wash, lotion, etc)

19 y.o. son
Clothes (Shirts size Large or XLarge, jeans size 34 waist, underwear Large, socks, tee shirts) Shirt, T-shirt Promised
Electric Razor
Any sports items (he loves Basketball and Football)
Blank CD's
Alarm Clock Promised

13 y.o. girl
Clothes - Either 14/16 or a small in juniors (tops, jeans, jogging set, socks, underwear, etc)
Pink Digital Camera - Promised
CD's - She loves country music (Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood, also Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers) National Geographic For Kids Promised
Games - Twister (She has scattergories and clue...family games)
Items from Claires - Hair accessories, earrings, necklaces...any girly type things
She enjoys shopping so a gift card would be great - she loves Aeropostale, Target, Walmart

20 month old girl
Clothes - 24 months (preferably winter clothes.) A few Promised
Shoes - Size 6 or 7 in infants/children Promised
Toys - She likes baby dolls, toys that make music/sounds, toys that teach shapes/colors, books
Hair Accessories - Barrettes, hair ties, etc
Other - Diapers (size 4), baby wipes, sippy cups, powder, lotion, warm character blanket.

8 month old boy
Clothes - 9 to 12 months (preferably winter clothes...shirts, pants, socks, winter jacket, etc)
Toys - Anything with sound/lights, any baby toy trucks, books, etc
Other - Diapers (size 3 - he's a big boy :), baby wipes, etc)

31 y.o. Disabled Mother
I am in serious need of electric assistance

45 y.o. Disabled Father
Food, cleaning supplies, blankets. Would like hunting interest stuff. 4X shirts, 5x pants

9 y.o. Boy with ADHD
shirts men's med., men's 9 1/2 shoes, pants men's 40x30's
needs some long sleeved white shirts no collar and royal blue polo shirts for school uniforms
he loves games and fishing, science and animals
he is ADHD and has several learning disabilities
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised
12 y.o. Girl
Shirt women's med.'s Some Promised
shoes 9 1/2 pants 10 or 12
loves music
make up and girly stuff

28 y.o. Mother
shirts - large
Pants size 9/10
Shoes size 7
Cleaning Supplies
Gas cards

60 y.o. Grandmother (dying of ulcerative cholitis)
Shirts - large
Pants - 9/10
Shoes - 7
Instant Carnation Breakfast Powder
CVS gift cards for medications

13 y.o. Boy
Shirts - sm mens
Pants - size18 boys
X-Box game - Halo 3 to play at friend's house
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promsied

This family is brand new to the list and is currently dealing with a death in the family. No list yet, but I'm sure general "kid" stuff would be most appreciated.
33 y.o. Mother
32 y.o. Father
9 y.o Boy

2 y.o. Girl
1 y.o. Girl (8 weeks premature)

National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised

30 y.o. Mother
housewares, towels, dishes (any solid color), glasses,
clothes jeans (size 16 can be bought in tall sizes), bedding, shirts (L or 16),shoes 11, a car (haha), anything for a house really
My mom has lost alot of weight so she would love some clothes that fit! Stress is a great diet sometimes. Jeans: 20Tall Shirts: 1x or 2x Shoes: 12
National Geographic For Kids Promised
11 y.o. Boy
any WWE action figures or anything to do with WWE or wrestling
Jeans: 34 x 29; Shirts - men's medium or boys XL
any transformers
Ladder Match (WWE)
Modern Warfare (video game for xbox)
Call of Duty (video game for xbox)
The NOLA Saints
11/23 - 21:15
26 y.o. Mother - working
Bedding for twin mattresses
ink for HP Printer (#s 21,22)

8 y.o. Boy
Clothes - size 10/12
Books - Any for an 8 y.o. boy. Curious George, Goosebumps, etc.
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised
6 y.o. Girl

Clothes - size 7/8
Books - Disney, coloring books, cartoon books, stuff for a 6 y.o.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Waveland MS Christmas Needs

Right now use the public relations address and please make sure it is marked "Seniors Aid"
City of Waveland
Public Relation Dept
Coleman Ave
Waveland, MS 39576

What I have been getting is there are also needs for Seniors Shut-ins.
I have been speaking to a social worker for seniors and there are needs:
slide in slippers with grip on the bottoms so the seniors won't slip
dust robes
dusting powder

Also, I like to focused more on the early teenagers. These are the kids that can go one way or to the troubled side of life. You know what I mean.
Gift cards to
-JC Penny.
These are stores they can buy their clothes from and feel good about it.

Diapers! We always need diapers! If you know of anyone wishing to donate a bag or a crate full, send them our way!

I still don't have a good date but the Lagniappe church will be hosting it for us and also if you have any organizations that want to help with toys please pass the address along because we are not much of a response.

People have forgotten what life is around here.
There are so many people still in Fema trailers. So many who can't make ends meet. And even those who used their grant or insurance money wrong - but why make the children suffer for their stupidity? Help the children have Christmas.

12/1 - Update From Tina:
You know it's not even December yet and we have 23 families on our list and several people have called and asked if we were collecting names yet. We have started on a few things. I am asking our Rotary Club to bring a new toy in order to get in the Christmas Party. The Bay High School student council has called and wants to help by collecting toys and adopting 2 families. Caring is coming down and giving a Christmas carnival for the foster kids and their adopted families.

I am also a ambassador for the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce and in order to get in that party you need a present. That seems to be my new thing. please let me know if you need any further info.

12/8 From Tina:
This morning on the way to work I returned Joy's call .She was so worried about getting enough toys and stuff for the kids in the area. She asked how are we going to tell people there is no way we can help them. Well you know that is not going to happen.

Joy from City Hall in the Public Relation Dept received a call today from someone that had read your blog about the Christmas and seniors needs.

Today she received this call from a local man that had received help rebuilding his home from a group from up north that wanted to help with Christmas. So this guy got on the Internet and found you blog list Waveland city hall public relation dept and that is how a few more kids will have Christmas.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hurricane Caring Hearts Wishing Tree

The Latest From Jenni

I still have a List Of 55 Children on my Christmas Wishlist who have yet to be adopted. These children will see no Christmas without our help.
These children are victims of natural disasters.
If you can adopt a child yourself I completely understand but all I ask is that you help spread the word.

Family 1 - 3 Children

1. Childs name - Brittany dove Childs sex – Female Childs age - 6 childs sizes –5 contact info britkj55 @ yahoo.com wishlist – clothes size 5, baby doll any kind, diper bag for dolls, shoes size 12

2. Childs name - james dove Childs sex – Male Childs age - 13 childs sizes –14
Contact Info: brikj55 @ yahoo. com wishlist – clothes, game for xbox 360, soccer stuff

3. Childs name - kayla dove Childs sex – Female Childs age - 10 childs sizes –8
contact info britkj55 @ yahoo.com wishlist –Makeup,bike,dolls,Clothes, Shoes

Family2 - 2 Children

4. Childs name - Vada Chapoy Childs sex –Female Childs age -2 childs sizes – 2t clothing, 5 shoes
contact info achapoy @ cox.net wishlist – Clothes, Pillow, Toy Chest, Soft Cuddly Dolls

5. Childs name - Tyson Chapoy Childs sex –Male Childs age -5 childs sizes – boys 5/small
contact info achapoy @ cox.net wishlist – Transformer (Bumblebee, or Optimus Prime), Start Wars action figures

Family 3 - 2 Children

6. Childs name - Ashleigh Childs sex – Female Childs age - 4 childs sizes –6X
contact info stelamc @ yahoo.com wishlist – clothes, toys, dolls

7. Childs name - Janae Childs sex –Female Childs age - 7 childs sizes – 14
contact info stelamc@yahoo.com wishlist –Clothes, Toys, Bike

Family 4 - 2 Children

8. Childs name - Hunter Jackson Childs sex – Male Childs age - 10 childs sizes – pants: 32x30, shirts: x-large in boys, shoes: size 7 1/2 in mens
contact info mistydb1976 @ yahoo.com wishlist – Clothing, Football, Board Games, Coloring Books & Crayons, Wrestling Posters

9. Childs name - Tyler Jackson Childs sex –Male Childs age -13 childs sizes – Tyler Jackson contact info mistydb1976 @ yahoo.com wishlist – Clothing, Football, Board games, Deck Of Cards, Wrestling Posters

Family 5 - 4 Children

10. Childs name - Brandon Longfellow Childs sex – Male Childs age -8 childs sizes – 10 slim pants, 8 shirt
contact info dung_longfellow @ yahoo.com wishlist – star wars legos, new orleans saints jersey, wwe/wwf wrestling figures, dirt bike bicycle, nintendo ds games

11. Childs name - Greg Matlock Childs sex –Male Childs age - 14 childs sizes – 30/30 pants, 14/16 shirt
contact info dung_longfellow@yahoo.com wishlist – bike, mp3 player, new orleans saints jersey, nintendo ds games

12. Childs name- Ryan Longfellow Childs sex –Male Childs age - 7 childs sizes – 5r pants, 5 shirt
contact info dung_longfellow@yahoo.com wishlist – gameboy advance games, build a bear work shop, spongebob legos,bike, playstation 3 games

13. Childs name - Samantha Matlock Childs sex –Female Childs age -10 childs sizes – 10slim, 10/12 shirt
contact info dung_longfellow@yahoo.com wishlist – build a bear work shop gift card, brats barbie dolls, nintendo ds games, bike,girly things

Family 6 - 2 Children

14.Childs name - Tekia Keion Chess Childs sex –Female Childs age -13 childs sizes – 16plus in girls
contact info trece01us @ yahoo.com wishlist – JCPenny giftcard, catos giftcard, walmart giftcard, cingular phone card, Digital camera

15.Childs name - Tekita Chess Childs sex –Female Childs age -16 childs sizes – 11/12 in juniors contact info trece01us @ yahoo.com wishlist – Digital camera, cell phone, footlocker gift card, Purse, snow boots size 11

Family 7 - 2 Children

16.Childs name - Sean Slaughterham Childs sex –Male Childs age -13 childs sizes – 4x in men shirts and a 46 waist and 29 lenght in pants
contact info Slaughterham @ aol.com wishlist – remote control airplane, thankful for what ever he gets

17.Childs name - Steven Slaughterham Childs sex –Male Childs age -15 childs sizes – xl men shirt and a 34 waist and 30 length pants contact info Slaughterham @ aol.com wishlist - gift card for clothes, thankful for what ever he gets

Family 8 - 8 Children (This is several families living together)

18.Childs name -Misty Childs sex –Female Childs age -14 childs sizes – size small shirts, size 1 jeans contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist – loves arts and craft ,size 7 shoes, needs jeans

19.Childs name - Amber Childs sex –Female Childs age -14 childs sizes – size large, 10 jeans contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist – loves makeup and jewelry

20.Childs name - brianna Childs sex –Female Childs age -4 childs sizes – size 4t-5t contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist – loves barbie, princesses

21.Childs name - Brooklyn Childs sex –Female Childs age - 1 childs sizes – size 12-18 months contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist – needs warm clothes

22.Childs name - t.j. Childs sex – Male Childs age -5 childs sizes – size 5 pants and shirts, shoes size 11 contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist – likes spiderman

23.Childs name - Hunter Childs sex – Male Childs age - 5 childs sizes – size 5/6 pants and shirts, shoes size 11 contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist – likes spiderman and spongebob

24.Childs name - jesse Childs sex –Male Childs age -8 childs sizes – size 10pants, 10-12 shirts contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist –Likes Sports

25.Childs name - jhan Childs sex – Male Childs age – 1 Month childs sizes – size 0-3 months contact info - bgvis115 @ yahoo.com wishlist – needs sleepers

Family 9 - 6 Children

26.Childs name - tara lewis Childs sex - Female Childs age - 10 childs sizes - 10/12 contact info refusalxx @ yahoo.com wishlist – bike, leap frog, clothes, computer, anything

27.Childs name - shayna lewis Childs sex -Female Childs age –2 childs sizes - 5T
contact info refusalxx @ yahoo.com
wishlist – doll, big wheel, play house, clothes

28.Childs name - jaylon lewis Childs sex - Male Childs age -7 childs sizes - 8
contact info refusalxx @ yahoo.com
wishlist – bike, clothes, car

29.Childs name - jamira lewis Childs sex –Female Childs age -6 childs sizes –6T
contact info refusalxx @ yahoo.com
wishlist – bike, clothes, doll, boots sz. 10

30.Childs name - jakyra lewis Childs sex –Female Childs age -6 childs sizes – 6T
contact info refusalxx @ yahoo.com
wishlist – bike, clothes, doll house, boots sz 10

31.Childs name - angel-love lewis Childs sex -Female Childs age –3 Months childs sizes –3 Months contact info refusalxx @ yahoo.com
wishlist – clothes, bottles, diapers sz.1

Family 10 - 3 Children

32.Childs name - CHRIS JACOBS Childs sex – Male Childs age -13 childs sizes – Men’s Large
contact info treasuremyson @ yahoo.com wishlist –Clothes for school, cd’s/dvd’s,Ps2 Games

33.Childs name - EVAN Childs sex – Female Childs age -3 childs sizes – 3T
contact info treasuremyson @ yahoo.com wishlist –Cars,Boats,Trains, Educational toys

34.Childs name - MAKAYLA JACOBS Childs sex –Female Childs age - 9 childs sizes – GIRLS 8 OR 10
contact info treasuremyson @ yahoo.com wishlist –cd player, cd’s,idog, cash register

Family 11 - 1 Child

35.Childs name - D'Artagag Childs sex –Male Childs age -5 childs sizes – 7/8
contact info meb4ddb @ yahoo.com wishlist – New Bike(No Training Wheels), X-box Games, Clothes,Books, Food

Family 12 - 1 Child

36.Childs name - Joel Childs sex –Male Childs age - childs sizes – shoes 5/1, pants 12 slim, shirts 10-12
contact info daffenien @ yahoo.com wishlist – Tennis Shoes , Bike

Family 13 - 2 Children

37.Childs name - Edward Childs sex –Male Childs age -8 childs sizes – 8 pants, 8 shirt
contact info- caramelkisses_74 @ yahoo.com wishlist –Clothing, Anything Spiderman, any type of toy

38.Childs name - miljeanee Childs sex –Female Childs age -10 childs sizes – 14 pants, 16 shirt
contact info - caramelkisses_74 @ yahoo.com wishlist – Clothing, Bratz Game, Doll, Board Games

Family 14 - 4 Children

39.Childs name -Ahmaud Lewis Childs sex -male Childs age - 6 childs sizes - 7-8 clothes-size 1 youth shoes
contact info yellasummer @ yahoo.com wishlist - Game boy, blue power rangers, dump truck, sponge bob movies, pajamas size 8

40. Childs name -Tylinn Lewis Child’s sex – Male Childs age –2 childs size -2t-3t c
ontact info yellasummer @ yahoo.com wishlist - spongebob toys, race cars, pants size 3t, power rangers, spongebob comforter set

41. Childs name - khalil lewis Childs sex - male Childs age - 4 childs sizes– 5T
contact info yellasummer @ yahoo.com wishlist – batman toys, superman toys, roller blades size 11, power rangers, sweaters size 5T

42. Childs name - london lewis Childs sex -Female Childs age - 1 childs sizes - size 18-24 mths
contact info yellasummer @ yahoo.com wishlist – barbie dolls, clothes 18-24mths, toddler bed, anything dora the explorer, hair accessories

Family 15 - 3 Children

43.Childs name - David Nicholas Childs sex –Male Childs age - 2 childs sizes – 4T
contact info bernadettejerry @ yahoo.com wishlist – spiderman any thing,Clothes

44. Childs name - Jarrell Nicholas Childs sex –Male Childs age –3 weeks childs sizes – 3-6 months
contact info bernadettejerry @ yahoo.com wishlist – Diapers, Bottles, Any type of clothing

45. Childs name - Ngozi Alia Childs sex –Female Childs age - 5 childs sizes –12
contact info bernadettejerry @ yahoo.com wishlist – Anything Dora, Pj’s

Family 16 - 1 Child

46.Childs name - Randi Childs sex –Female Childs age -11 childs sizes – WEARS ADULT SIZES: Horse boots size 9.5/10; Horse riding pants size 30/31 Long; Shirt size M or L
contact info valerie_catahoula @ yahoo.com wishlist – gift certificate from horse apparel store (i.e., HorseloverZ.com, PETSMART, etc.), Horse Movies VHS or DVD: My Friend Flicka movie (new version), More Horse Movies: Danny, King of the Wind, Blue Fire Lady, half chap (horse apparel), ticket to attend 2008 Washington International Horse Show

Family 17 - 3 Children

47.Childs name - Antonio Travis Childs sex –Male Childs age -14 childs sizes – men's large and pants 38
contact info – shantaletravis @ yahoo.com wishlist – game for xbox 360, Clothes, headphones, Saints Hat, Shoes Size 9

48.Childs name - Brandie Travis Childs sex –Female Childs age -10 childs sizes –10/12
contact info - shantaletravis @ yahoo.com wishlist – Baby dolls, Skates, Makeup set, Shoes Size 3, Clothes

49. Childs name - dejohn lafrance Childs sex –Male Childs age - 4 childs sizes – 5/6 contact info - shantaletravis @ yahoo.com wishlist –Toys, Clothes, Shoes Size 9, Coat, scooter

Family 18 - 3 Children

50. Childs name - Alyssa Childs sex –Female Childs age -19 childs sizes – med/8
contact info fourwallsnowindows @ juno.com
wishlist – anything to do with horses, books, bratz dolls

51.Childs name - Mason Childs sex –Male Childs age - 9 childs sizes – Large
contact info fourwallsnowindows @ juno.com wishlist – playstation 2 games, educational toys, anything superhero

52. Childs name - Seamus Childs sex –Male Childs age –3 Months childs sizes – 3-6 Months
contact info fourwallsnowindows @ juno.com wishlist – baby toys, clothes, highchair,

Family 19 - 3 Children

53.Childs name - Celina Breaux Childs sex –Female Childs age -2 childs sizes – clothes 3T, shoes 8 toddler, diapers size 5
contact info eabroussard @ yahoo.com wishlist –Clothes, Shoes, Diapers, anything Dora, anything diego

54.Childs name - Cristina Breaux Childs sex –Female Childs age -1 childs sizes – clothes 12 m, shoes 2 infant, diapers size 2
contact info eabroussard @ yahoo.com wishlist –Diapers size 2, Hair accessories, Hello Kitty, Light up toys, Age Appropriate toys

55. Childs name - caleb broussard Childs sex – Male Childs age - 9 childs sizes – top: 14 ,bottom: 14 husky, shoes 6 youth
contact info eabroussard @ yahoo.com wishlist - Clothes, Shoes, Glasses, Anything Pokemon, video games

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Help Needed For Gulf Agencies

The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse is asking for help with Adopt a Family program. 228-868-8686. They had 3 offices, I think they are still in just one in Biloxi.

The Mississippi Coast Interfaith Disaster Task Force provides building materials, furniture and appliances free of charge to individuals and families who qualify through area Diaster Relief Organizations (DRO) and social services. Steven Howard at 354-0969 http://www.msidtf.org/

Junior Auxilliary of Biloxi-Ocean Springs
317 Pine Drive, Ocean Springs, MS 39564
Good evening. I am Julie Scruggs and I am a member of the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Junior Auxiliary. Our president, Sharon Weeks, forwarded your e-mail to me.
Yes, there are three active Junior Auxiliaries on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - Biloxi-Ocean Springs, Gulfport, and Pascagoula.
I am the chairperson for Santa's Helpers which is our Christmas project. This is such a great project. With the help of school counselors, a family is chosen from each school we serve. We serve over 30 schools in the following cities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - Biloxi, Ocean Springs, St. Martin, Vancleave, and D'Iberville.
Each family fills out a Christmas wish list for each child in the family. The chapter then shops in order to grant as many Christmas wishes as possible.
Donations are such a blessing. The one item we have received several request for this year is bikes.
Also, Wal-Mart gift cards are ideal since we do not have to pay tax on items purchased at Wal-Mart. Just a side note. Any gift cards donated to Junior Auxiliary are used by the members to purchase items for the families. We do not distribute gift cards or money to the individual families.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Donjules @ aol.com
Julie Scruggs
Biloxi-Ocean Springs Junior Auxiliary

Hope Haven Children's Shelter - Hancock County
PO box 3777 Bay St. Louis, Ms. 39521

We are accepting donations of cash or Wal mart cards to hand out to children/families who missed signing up with any of the mainstream toy give aways. We also are contacted by local teachers who know that particular kids are in need. We try and help those children when the family is not getting help from any other source. The children in our foster home will be provided for...so we do not need help with them...
but if anyone wishes to help the other 100 to 125 children in foster care in Hancock County...
they can contact the Dept. of Human Services....at 228 467-4100.

Hope Haven 228 466-6395 mailing address PO box 3777 Bay St. Louis, Ms. 39521
Terry Latham
Hope Haven

Biloxi Police Department Toy Drive
170 Porter Ave

Biloxi, MS
The Biloxi Police Department is now accepting donations of new and unopened toys to be given to needy children as part of the department's annual "Santa Wears a Badge" campaign.
Those interested can drop off toys at the Biloxi Police Department front desk, in the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center, 170 Porter Ave., two blocks north of the Biloxi Lighthouse.
Toys should be dropped off before Dec. 15.
Those with questions about this program should contact Officer Tom Goldsworthy, #119, at 435-6133 or via e-mail at tgoldsworthy @ biloxi.ms.us.

Salvation Army of MS - Link to large list

Updated 12/3 City of Waveland, MS - Link to large list

Gulf Coast Woman's Center for Non-Violence - Link to large list

Added 12/5 Hurricane Caring Hearts Network - 55 kids - link to large list

CitiImpact Ministries - Adopt a Family Program Coming Soon

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FEMA Air Quality Testing Issues

FEMA is working with health and environmental experts at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct air quality assessments of temporary housing units issued after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
As part of that study, the Centers for Disease Control will oversee indoor air quality testing of randomly selected temporary housing units in Mississippi and Louisiana. Testing was to have begun the first week of November, but previously scheduled appointments have been postponed until health and environmental experts finalize the testing process and action levels for responding to the results of the testing are determined. The testing will begin once these matters have been resolved.
Meanwhile, FEMA continues to work actively with all residents to help them move them out of temporary housing units and into more permanent housing that fits their individual needs. More than one-quarter of the occupants who have asked to be relocated from travel trailer units have moved to long-term housing, and the remaining households are evaluating their housing options.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency coordinates the federal government's role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of, responding to and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made, including acts of terror.

NEW ORLEANS — Lawyers for a group of hurricane victims living in government-issued trailers are asking a federal judge to order the Federal Emergency Management Agency to test the housing units for hazardous fumes.
Earlier this month, FEMA postponed plans to test the air quality in its travel trailers for levels of formaldehyde. The chemical, a common preservative found in materials used to build manufactured homes, can cause respiratory illnesses and is classified as a carcinogen.
FEMA says it needs more time to prepare before scientists from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta begin the formaldehyde tests, which were scheduled to start in Mississippi on Nov. 2.
However, attorneys for trailer occupants in Louisiana claim FEMA's delay in testing the trailers is jeopardizing the health of thousands of Gulf Coast residents displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.
In court papers filed Friday, the trailer occupants' lawyers asked a federal judge in New Orleans to issue a preliminary injunction that would compel FEMA to begin the tests. The injunction also calls for FEMA to immediately comply with any trailer occupant's request to move out of a unit and into alternative housing.
U.S. District Judge Kurt Englehardt did not immediately rule on their requests.
"Without this Court's intervention," the storm victims' attorneys wrote, "FEMA will continue to delay and this national public health emergency will continue unabated."
FEMA spokesman Michael Widomski, who would not comment on the litigation, said a date to start the tests has not been set. "We're continuing to work with the CDC," he added.
Roy Rodney, Jr., a New Orleans-based attorney who filed the motion for an injunction, said the formaldehyde tests are a "matter of critical public health."
"It's important to understand what the level of exposure is, particularly in regard to children," he said. "Children are the most at risk, more so than adults."
In Louisiana and Mississippi, more than 48,000 FEMA trailers were occupied this month by victims of the 2005 hurricanes. Reacting to residents' health concerns, FEMA has moved hundreds of families in both states out of trailers and into apartments, hotel rooms or other temporary housing.
FEMA also has temporarily suspended the sale of its used trailers and says the units won't be used to shelter victims of future disasters until the safety concerns are resolved.
Hundreds of Gulf Coast residents are suing trailer manufacturers for allegedly providing FEMA with poorly constructed units contaminated by formaldehyde. Several of those federal lawsuits in Louisiana were consolidated on Oct. 24 and transferred to Englehardt, who scheduled a Jan. 18 initial hearing on the litigation.

YouTube Vidoe:

8 a.m.: FEMA Ordered To Submit Air Quality Plan
December 4, 2007
NEW ORLEANS, La -- A federal judge in Louisiana has ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency to submit a detailed plan for testing the air quality in government-issued trailers in Mississippi.
U.S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt says FEMA and its top administrator, R. David Paulison, have until Dec. 17 to respond to court papers filed by a group of trailer occupants who want the air-quality tests to begin immediately.
On Nov. 2, federal scientists were scheduled to start testing FEMA trailers in Mississippi for levels of formaldehyde.
FEMA postponed those tests, however, saying it needed more time to prepare.
FEMA spokeswoman Mary Margaret Walker said Monday that the tests are expected to begin "soon," but she couldn't elaborate and wouldn't comment on the judge's order.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Encore Azalea Gulf Restoration Project

CONTACT: Encore Azalea®
Brand Management
Corrina Stellitano


Biloxi, Miss. — November 30, 2007 — Encore Azalea®, the only patented brand of azaleas to bloom in spring, summer, and fall, has chosen the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art as a recipient of its Encore Azalea® Gulf Coast Hurricane Restoration Project.

An initiative designed to aid those affected by hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, the Encore Azalea® Gulf Coast Hurricane Restoration Project offers planners the opportunity to include the 23 varieties of Encore Azalea in their landscape renovation plans.

On Saturday, area residents will have a chance to view the recently planted Encore Azaleas at the special event “Celebration of Rebuilding: The Dance Begins.” The ceremony at the new museum site, 386 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, will be open to the public at 10 a.m. with free admission.

The awarded Encore Azaleas were grown by Loxley, Ala.-based Flowerwood Nursery — one of nine licensed Encore Azalea growers across the Southeast and Northwest.

Twenty other cities or public spaces have submitted applications for the Encore Azalea® Gulf Coast Hurricane Restoration Project: Atmore, Al; Orange Beach, Al; Pascagoula, Ms; Bogalousa, La; Franklinton, La; Ocean Springs, Ms; Long Beach, Ms; Biloxi, Ms; Dauphin Island, Al; Long Beach, Ms; the Louisiana Political And Science Museum And Hall Of Fame, Winnfield, La; the Harrison County Courthouse, Gulfport, Ms; Renaissance Public Gardens, Diamondhead, Ms; St. Tammany Parish Library, Covington, La; St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Gulfport, Ms; Covington Tammany Trace, Covington, La; Gulf Hills Rebeautification, Ocean Springs, Ms; Lsu Agricultural Center/Burden Research Center, Baton Rouge, La; and the Humane Society, Gulfport, Ms.

The only patented brand of azalea that blooms three times a year, Encore Azaleas begin blooming each spring like a traditional azalea. Once this initial blooming concludes, new shoots begin to grow and set buds. Then blooms emerge again in mid-summer and continue in many areas until first frost; a feat no other azalea can consistently achieve.

Encore Azaleas were developed and invented by plant breeder Robert E. "Buddy" Lee of Independence, La. Plant Development Services Inc. assisted with the extensive 15-year testing and selection process. Currently, PDSI manages the Encore Azalea brand and the wholesale grower group responsible for growing and distributing Encore Azaleas to local garden centers throughout the United States. Encore Azaleas are also available via the web at www.plantsbymail.com.

For more information about Encore Azalea®, visit www.EncoreAzalea.com.

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