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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tod Davis

12/13/07 I just confirmed what the comments on this page are saying. Tod isn't making good on his promise of repayment.
I'm not making excuses for him. I don't know him! I hadn't heard anything about the man until I heard he was dying, which obviously hasn't happened yet.
Many people have lost money to him, which is sad. It truly jades their views and makes them far less likely to help others in need.
All I can say is, there are some truly nasty and manipulative people out there. I don't know if it was his intent to swindle, or if he just figured he was entitled since he had his own disaster occur prior to Katrina. (from what I've heard, he's from a midwestern state and lost everything - flood? don't know)
There is no real recourse in a case like this. Small claims court decisions can't be enforced, although they may go on your credit history. I don't know what to do about putting leins on property, but might be possible for larger amounts.
And Diane is right - as I get the news about different pages on my blog, I need to do the updates. Unfortunately, I think all of the volunteers who have dealt with him are embarassed to say they were taken for a ride too, so are either not saying anything, or are defending him still. This is why I never heard anymore about him.
I do hope he has a moment of conscience and repays people - even if it's only a % on the dollar. To make a good faith effort to right a wrong goes a lot further than righting it with ill intent.

I've heard of Tod through a newsgroup I joined in the last 6 weeks.
He has spent countless hours in the gulf - may be FROM the gulf for all I know.
But he's been infected by a lung infection of unknown etiology - big word for what a mounts to glazed eyes and a shrug from the doctors. They don't know what's going on.

This was posted by Jenni Dodds to the group today:

After hurricane Katrina he went out and helped many other people. He was exposed to many different toxins. Because it was in his system so long and he has many allergies to medications the doctors have let him know that they feel nothing they can give him is going to work.
It has caused great strain on him financially but he's never begged and was always there for others.
A couple of days ago he spoke out in anger because to get through this you have to work as a team.
There are no Heroes there are no Angels. There are just human beings trying to survive.

He gave me these words directly. "Be kind to one another. And give the best gift of all "Love".

He has been instructed to make final plans.
From Jenni:
God Bless you Tod we love you ! And we will be there for your family.

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Anonymous Diane in Florida said...

Tod Davis borrowed $250 from
me "just for a week" so he "wouldn't be evicted". Then he
got "sick" supposedly was on
his deathbed. Come to find out
he is alive and kicking 1 1/2 yr.
later. I have contacted him numerous time regarding repayment.
He repeatedly has lied and said
"the check is in the mail" but never has paid a penny. I even told
him he could make small payments,
just SOMETHING as that was alot of
money to me but I was made by one
of you hurricane helpers to feel sorry for him and it was to be a
quick LOAN. He is a liar and fraud
and has been reported. I would suggest you take his profile down
before he rips off anyone else.

02 December, 2007 18:55  
Blogger Leslie said...

Hey Diane.
Please note that this is the only thing I have up about him - with no updates - which means I still have nothing other than what I heard then.
I'm sorry he is making bad on his loan from you. I wish I could do something about it. I'll try to find out what's up with him, but otherwise, I'm not involved. This is your battle with him. Not mine. I wish you luck.

02 December, 2007 20:06  
Anonymous Diane said...

I understand that this is "not your
battle" Leslie. But it is your website that is posting a sympathetic story about this guy
who is far from "making his final
arrangements". The other side needs
to be presented, and that is that
he misrepresented himself and kept
money that was to be only a loan,
trading on his supposed Katrina
victim status. Now everyone who
were all begging for help for him last year are suddenly backing off and saying they didn't really know anything. This is just a word to the wise to anyone reading about "Katrina Victims":
ARE VOUCHING FOR THEM (Laura Cales) I learned an expensive lesson the hard way.

13 December, 2007 15:46  

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