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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Debt Relief Assistance
12/1/06 Debt Relief Hotline 800) 291-1042
For families struggling with credit card debts (typically over $10,000); relief is available. This national agency will contact your client’s creditors, reduce payments, interest, and even principal amounts owed. Harassing collection calls will stop.
12/1/06 Free Bankruptcy Advice 800) 379-0985 Families who cannot use other debt solution may need to speak with an attorney. The nation’s largest consumer law firm has made this hotline available. Your client may call for a free conversation to discuss whether debt relief under bankruptcy makes sense for them.

Utilities Assistance
3/16/07 - Low cost alternative - Hot Water Heater/Furnace Plans
$2,000 To Weatherize Your Home
Families can receive assistance to weatherize their homes and apartments at no charge if you meet certain income guidelines. States allocate dollars to nonprofit agencies for purchasing and installing energy-related repairs, with the average grant being $2,000 per year. Contact your state Energy Office or the Weatherization Assistance Programs Branch, EE44, U.S. Department of Energy, 1000 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20585; 202-596-4074;
Insulation of Home Assistance 800-DIAL-DOE
Income Eligibility Requirements: up to $28,418 for a family of 4
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
The Department of Health and Human Services announced it was releasing a $12,466,278 block grant to Mississippi to help families in need pay their home energy bills. The funds are administered by the Administration for Children and Families through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Look up MS.
Heating Oil Assistance
Joe Kennedy and Cisco Oil have a program in 17 states where, if you are approved, you pay 60% and they will pay 40% for a one time delivery of up to 200 gallons of oil. The program runs through March 14th. This is geared towards low income homes and the elderly. Most of the states are along the East Coast. PLEASE CALL 1-877-JOE-4OIL (877-563-4645

Telephone Assistance
Lifeline Phone Assistance
1/31/06 - 50% Discount On Phone Service Under the Federal Communication Commission’s Link-up America and Lifeline programs, low-income households seeking telephone service are given a 50% discount on local connection charges, and may be able to pay installment payments on the remaining charge. To learn more contact your local telephone company.

Odds and Ends
2/19/07 How to Deconstruct and Reclaim building materials
EPA Mold Containment Article
Modular Housing Tax Reduced - MS only
Real People Relief
Efficient Housing Site
Efficient Housing Site - Rebuilding Better
Steps to Save Heat An article on AOL regarding simple steps to make your place more energy efficient.
New Spider In Town
Photo Restoration - by a professional First photo is free, will discuss price from there.
The Professional Photo Restoration Studio
PO Box 286157 New York, NY 10128

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