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Friday, February 23, 2007

DIY Heat and Hot Water

I am posting these to allow folks an alternative if they can't afford new hot water heaters or furnaces during the rebuilding of their homes. It might allow them to use resources that would normally be carted off to the dump and thus, significantly reduce their costs both now and in the future.
These can also be used by volunteer agencies to help cut down on operating costs.
With wood being so plentiful in the form of standing timber that is most likely fully cured by now, it only makes sense to use it while it's good and while it is needed most.

Hot Water Heaters:
This link is a primer for choosing a solar method of heating water for household use:
It shows the various styles of heaters you can build along with pros and cons to each.

The following link is directions for one created by a gentleman living in FL where it freezes infrequently.

And this link is an article on the savings you will incur from building a solar hot water heater

Furnace/Boiler (3/14 have emailed them due to the order being returned unable to forward. Will let you know what I find out)
The following is directions on making an outdoor woodburner for home heating
3/16 - From an associate at MEN
The only illustrations we have on how to build this are in the Image Gallery at the top right of the article. We do not have the plans for this. We are the fourth publisher and some plans never made it to our office.
Heidi Hunt
Assistant Editor
Mother Earth News
1503 SW 42nd St.
Topeka, KS 66609
(785) 274-4322

An article written by a man who bought a manufactured Outdoor Wood Burner:

Other Heat Sources
Passive Solar Heating through your windows

Passive Solar Heating Through a Lean-to
By Clarence Goosen. A perfect solution for a mobile home or conventional house, this 5-by-8-foot structure offers supplemental heat and storage. Detailed plans cover siting, construction, assembly, a material list and 22 illustrations and photos. ($15)

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