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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Assistance For Schools

2/3 Grant Tip-Writing Site

Scholarship and Grant Information for Educators Tuition Reimbursement, Loan Forgiveness, and other Financial Assistance Programs Information on federal tax deduction benefits and loan forgiveness programs

Travel Grants for Teachers

2/25 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is soliciting applications for the FY 2007 Adolescents at Risk for Suicide grant program to evaluate voluntary school-based programs that focus on identification and referral of high school youth who are at risk for suicide or suicide attempts.
WHO CAN APPLY: Eligibility is limited to local educational agencies and domestic, public and private nonprofit entities working in conjunction with local educational agencies.
HOW TO APPLY: Applications for No. SM-07-006 are available by calling SAMHSA's Clearinghouse at 1-877-SAMHSA7, or by downloading from the home site or Grants.gov . Applicants are encouraged to apply on line using Grants.gov.
APPLICATIONS DUE DATE: Must be received by April 6, 2007
ADDITIONAL INFORMTION: Applicants with questions on program issues should contact Cynthia K. Hansen at 240-276-1869 or e-mail Cynthia.Hansen@samhsa.hhs.gov.
For questions on grants management issues, contact Kimberly Pendleton at 240-276-1421 ormailto:orKimberly.Pendleton@samhsa.hhs.gov.

1/23 Math Mentor Grant Program
The Actuarial Foundation - Advancing Student Achievement
SUMMARY: The Actuarial Foundation can provide a local network of actuaries ready to participate, as well as suggestions onhow to integrate math concepts from the work place into the classroom.
Groups applying for grants will be given wide latitude in designing programs that enhance learning and create a "love of math" in each student.
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: All schools and groups willing to undertake a math mentoring program that involves local actuaries as volunteers are eligible. To see the number of registered actuaries available by state, see the foundation's Web site.
DUE DATE: There is no application deadline
CONTACT INFORMATION: The Actuarial Foundation, 475 North Martingale, Suite 600, Schaumburg, IL 60173, (847) 706-3535,
Email: ASA@ActFnd.org

1/23 Music Education Grant
Dates are 2/1 and 8/1

11/24 ING Unsung Heroes Program Rewarding Excellence in America’s Schools.
Eligibility: All K-12 education professionals, whether or not they are clients of ING, are eligible Purpose: Do you or does someone you know have a creative, unique educational program that is helping students reach new heights? Or is there a program you’d like to implement, if only you had the proper funding? Deadline: April 30, 2007 Maximum Award: $2,000-$27,000 More Information: Scholarship America at (800) 537-4180 or ing@scholarshipamerica.org Download an application.

11/24 Rosie's For All Kids Foundation Grants Awarded grants are issued only to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping low-income children and their families through quality childcare and early childhood education curriculum

Starbucks Youth Leadership Grant

11/24 Ameriquest After-School and Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program
The grant program is open to after-school programs with current 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Eligible after-school programs should offer youth services that emphasize leadership training, mentoring, community service, academic enrichment, or the arts.

11/24 HomeTown Helper Grants
Starting in September, individuals from communities and organizations across America can visit to submit a written essay of 250 words or less describing how the “My Hometown Helper” grant would help improve their community project. Applicants can request a one-time award between $500 and $15,000 during any single month.

11/24 GoGirlGo School Team Leadership Grants
Foundation Center
Women's Sports Center
GoGo Girl Through Kintera
The GoGirlGo! Ambassador Team Awards are designed to recognize teams that demonstrate leadership in their communities by inspiring girls to get involved in sports and physical activity.

Toyota Literacy Teacher Grant

InvenTeams School Project Grant

Field Trip Grants From Target

Grants from Lowes

State Farm Youth Service Grant

Capt Planet Foundation Grants

3/8 Microsoft Site For schools to apply for free software

11/24 Govt Computers for Learning
Place computers in classrooms and prepare children to contribute and compete in the 21st century. The program transfers excess Federal computer equipment to schools and educational nonprofit organizations, giving special consideration to those with the greatest need

11/29 Computers ACCRC
We give free refurbished computers to schools, non-profit organizations, and economically and/or physically disadvantaged individuals. Although our computers are all old enough that they were discarded by their previous owners, the ones that we refurbish are still perfectly adequate for most home, school, and office applications. Our refurbished systems all run a Free software GNU/Linux operating system. To apply for one or more computers, please print one of our three placement applications: school, non-profit, or individual, and then fax, mail, or bring us the completed form.

3/5/07 BookClub Works
Book Club Works gives book clubs and literacy activists a place to find each other, adopt each other, and make a difference
Just a few of the literacy activists who desperately need books and a book club adoption.tribal teachers group homes homeless shelters battered womens' shelters juvenile detention centers inner city teachers disaster relief activists/librarians prison educators English as second language tutors and teachers Book Club Works is based on an adoption model. We simply help each group find the other and step out of the way.

Books From I Am Foundation
Hello Everyone, my name is Steve Viglione, Founder and CEO of The I AM Foundation and The Million Books for Kids Campaign. We have shipped over 30,000 children's books to teachers, schools and families in the hurricane affected areas. If you represent a school or nonprofit in the United States, you may apply for books through our website
It took me a while to find the link for the application. If the link doesn't work, go to the "community recipients" page and read through - it's in the text, but not highly visible...
Primary Ed School Books
This site has deals on Primary School books, focusing on K-2. It also has grants available for teachers to attend reading conferences. If you are a Title 1 School, you get more deals.

General Assistance
3/29 Dental Health Assistance For Some Schools - Flouride

3/25 Freebie Site For Teachers

Gov't Site For Assistance - not very active

Adopt a Classroom - looks active

Matching teachers with donors of equipment, supplies and materials

Free School Supplies

Office Depot Backbacks For Kids

Labels For Education

Boxtops For Education

12/3/06 Article and Resource Helping Kids Cope

Emotional Assistance For Schools

General Information
3/7 Post-Katrina Schools Still Suffering

Other Resource Pages
Grants For Communities
Grants for Non-Profits
For Non-Profits and Municipalities
For Schools
Safety Guidelines For Volunteers

Education Assistance Elderly
Emotional Resources
Family Resources
Furniture and More
Grandfamily/Single Parent ResourcesGrants for Individuals - does not include homeowner or repair grants
Home/Utility LA Family Resources
Medical ResourcesMortgage Resources

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