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Friday, July 28, 2006

Emotional Assistance For Schools

The faculty and staff at the NYU Child Study CenterInstitute for Trauma and Stress are greatly saddened by the effects of Hurricane Katrina.
We understand that schools and school districts have a lot of experience in dealing with traumas, but at times like these, resources can be spread thin.
Based on our ongoing experiences helping NYC schools recover from the aftermath of 9/11, we would like to partner with schools that are helping students affected by Katrina.
We are able to donate written materials on helping students, teachers, and caregivers cope with the effects of Hurricane Katrina, provide training to counselors, and other school staff, and/or assist with parent trainings.
For more information, please contact Elizabeth Mullett, Ph.D. at (212)263-3682

Materials also can be downloaded from our website: www.aboutourkids.org.


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