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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Starbucks Youth Leadership Grant

(Initial Information found through Katrina's Angels Forum)

Levels of Funding and Associated Criteria

Applicants should clearly state the level of funding for which they are applying (choose one
level only) and address how their program meets the criteria for that particular level of
funding. Funds should be spent within one year of grant award.

$5,000-$10,000 - Local Grant

• Program involves the participation of Starbucks partners of at least one Starbucks
(company owned) store that is geographically located in the community
• Program reaches 20 or more clients in providing its services

$20,000 - Regional Grant

• Program engages Starbucks partners and stores (3 or more company owned) in an
integrated and meaningful way on a metropolitan wide or regional basis

• Program delivers services, disseminates information, provides training and/or builds
networks broadly in a major metropolitan area or region
In all cases project budget should show reasonable per client costs and not request more
than 50% of funds for either general operating costs or staff salaries. Project budget should
not represent more than 10% of overall program budget.

Program Sustainability- The Starbucks Foundation will give priority funding to organizations
that can demonstrate on going sustainability. We will consider repeat grants for up to three
consecutive years. However we will fund at decreasing levels in years two and three of our
support to encourage organizations to obtain a diversified funding base. Repeat funding is
not guaranteed and organizations requesting repeat grants must re-apply for funding through
our grant process.


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