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Monday, July 17, 2006

Children's Book About Katrina

I just got the best present in the mail today. A book. A children's book. About The Storm. A teacher brought the idea forth from the moment she and her family evacuated. Their house survived, and so as people came back looking for each other, she spoke with other families about the idea that has become the book.

She ended up having 30 children a day, working in the safety of her home while their parents salvaged what they could from the rubble, mud and ditches that used to be home. The children used anything and everything as materials for their artwork to produce a stunning display of emotion framed simply by few words that say more than any "great american novel".

The first printing has sold out. The second printing is due in August, with orders being taken now. http://www.storyofastorm.com/ shows some of the art, some of the devastation and some of the hope.

All proceeds go to their school, the families and the faculty. 85% lost everything, and so this work that has helped the children heal, will help the community heal as well.

Long Beach isn't in Hancock County. But you know, I don't care. The book is incredible. The cause worthy. Because we're all in it together, no matter what border or boundary or county you're in.


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