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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


1/3 Vehicles:
To acquire another car, please contact:
Charity Cars, Inc will provide free vehicles, down payment for insurance, and tag, registration and title fees to Hurricane Katrina evacuees.
To request a car, please e-mail at info@800charitycars.org; call 1-800-CHARITY, extension 4 (1-800-242-7489 ext. 4); or fax 1-407-774-8962.
Find a "Wheels to Work" Program near you at:http://www.nedlc.org/center/copc/programs/all-bystate.htm
Car Ownership Programs http://www.nedlc.org/center/car_map.htm#ma
National Economic and Law Center maintains a clearing house of resources tha tgive cars to low income families in every state.
Vehicles for Change http://www.vehfch.org/ Available in certain counties of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Contact 410-540-9023 for a list of sponsoring agencies.
APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED DIRECTLY. Makes vehicles available to the disadvantaged for a reasonable car fee of $700 to $900, spread out as a 12 month loan - payment runs from $65 to $89 a month. (Recipient is guaranteed a loan.)
We are providing vehicles to those who have lost theirs we have drop off center in about 43 states in addition we have some homes that were donated that we are fixing up.
Brian Stewart, Director
Ways to Work Fayetteville (served by Huntsville, AL)
Dave Dougherty
Family Services Center
600 St. Clair, Building 3
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 551-1610 x220; FAX (256) 551-0722
E-mail: DaveD@fsc-hsv.org

6/12 www.crossroadstrading.com (woman's day mag)
Digital Promise
Families in Need Of A PC
Free Cycle - Recycling goods for Free http://www.freecyclefinder.org/finder Type in your city - you'll be surprised what you find for FREE
Free Sharing
Free Use
6/12 www.half.com (woman's day mag)
MS Only - MS Home Again Mississippi Home Again helps by providing direct, immediate, and tangible assistance: We buy appliances and beds for folks with limited resources so they can move back into their homes once they are repaired or rebuilt. We assist all kinds of people, but especially the most vulnerable –the elderly, the disabled, single parents, and people living below the poverty line.
6/12 www.oodle.com (woman's day mag)
6/12 www.pennysaverus.com (woman's day mag)
6/12 www.platoscloset.com (woman's day mag)
1/3 St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Stores
Search for your state:
SVDP Thrift Store
P.O. Box 283 Waveland, MS 39576
Throw Place - another FreeCycle type place.
Toy Swap - Recycle Toys

Photo Restoration
The Professional Photo Restoration Studio PO Box 286157 New York, NY 10128 212-876-5012 Restorep@restorepict.com

For Other Resource Pages
Education Assistance Elderly
Emotional Resources
Family Resources
Furniture and More
Grandfamily/Single Parent ResourcesGrants for Individuals - does not include homeowner or repair grants
Home/Utility LA Family Resources
Medical ResourcesMortgage Resources

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Blogger Crystal Coleman said...

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Anonymous Megan said...

Thanks for sharing the list. I'd like to know more what to do with used clothes since some charities do not accept more than they can handle.

19 September, 2017 13:20  

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