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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Article Index

Assessments From Outside Sources
3/10 General FEMA News
Class Action Suit in NOLA Against FEMA
Aspen Institute's Assessment
CDC Assessments 1
CDC Assessments 2
Media Assessment
Hancock County Official's Testimony
Hurricane Risk Whistle Blower
More FEMA Grants to MS
FEMA Trailers Article
FEMA Using Grant $ to Repay YOUR SBA Loan
FEMA v. Disabled
The Coming Trend From FEMA
New MS FEMA Director

Articles Regarding Working In Disaster Areas
3/9 Keeping Our Eye On The Ball
2/20 Recycle Building Supplies 3
2/10 Retro Study on Burden of Local Charities
2/10 Trees Becoming Widowmakers
Fungal Contamination Article
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Article
Guidelines For Using PPE
Cleaning After A Flood
Safety Guidelines For Volunteers
Recycle Building Supplies 1
Recycle Building Supplies 2
Building Code Article

Help (index of links and posts re: help)
Contractor Grifter Article
2/17 Community Gardens
2/2 Preparing For A Disaster Before It Hits
1/21 Reducing Debt
1/21 Reducing Food Bills
12/22 Gift Card Scam
11/30 Stay Safe in FEMA Trailers
11/19 Tax Credit - 2006 Only
11/10 Snail Mail Scam
11/2 - Insurance Trial Precedent
10/15 Steps to Save Heat
Free Legal Help - 10/13
10/10 Modular Housing Tax Reduced
9/20 - Katrina Housing Corporation
9/14 - Tax Relief Information
8/2 - Tax Assistance Articles

Emotional and Physical Price of The Storms
6/15 MS Health Care Rating
3/27 Medical Crisis
3/22/07 TB On Rise
3/22/07 Videos, Pictures
3/16/07 Carnival of Hurricane Relief - for 1 month
3/1/07 General Emotional Trauma Articles
2/9/07 Help So Far Away For Too Many
2/5/07 New Child Depression Article
1/26/07 Effects of Displacement on Children
1/19/07 Skin Infection Update (see also: 1/22 Skin Infection Article )
1/12/07 Syphilis is on Rise
11/23/06 Elderly Still Suffering
10/16/06 Emotional Assistance
7/28/06 Depression Rising Children
Emergency Services Workers
Drug and Violence Issues

Local Interest
Hancock County
Auto Break-Ins On Rise
Hancock County 911 In Need
4/19 From Kathleen Johnson - Who Are The Victims of Katrina?
3/19/07 Update From a Volunteer
2/9/07 Half a Mil in Drugs Seized
2/8/07 3 Schools Have Green Spaces Landscaped
2/5/07 Septic Woes
2/2/07 Materials Held Hostage
2/1/07 Meth Lab Busted
2/1/07 FEMA Grants for HC
1/22/07 Skin Infection Article
1/21/07 Gang Violence Increasing
12/24/06 Hancock County Jail Fire
12/26 Unemployment Down in Hancock County
12/26 'Still Busted Up
12.24 Hancock County Rebuilding Going "Well"
12/23 Quilt Auction Helps H.C. Libraries
12/9 Family Injured in FEMA fire
12/5 Eatery Robbed
12/3 Claremont Harbor and Lakeshore
12/3 H.C. Future Lookin Brighter
11/23 Menonite Disaster Relief
10/5 H.C. Sheriff Raise Disputed
9/20 Mayor Favre Suggests Merging Some County/City Departments
9/6 Americorps Staying In Hancock County
9/2 Weed in Hancock County
Diamondhead Water Woes
Bay St Louis
BSL Needs New Chief
3/12/07 The Bay Needs a New Jail
3/7 BWSD makes School News
3/1 Old Town Infrastructure Plan
2/12 BSL Artist on NPR
2/9 Volunteer Artists Beautifying Empty Space
2/9 Political Turmoil Abounds
1/14 Old Town, BSL Casino Plans
1/14 BSL Building Chief Resigns
1/12 BSL Water Meters
12/25/06 BSL Fire Dpt Shake up
9/6 Beach Blvd Rebuilding Issues
Mayor Favre
2/10/07 MS Community Fund Grants Housing Money
2/8 Open Letter to Send on Behalf of Volunteer Fire Department
2/3 Article on Aid Decrease - focus on P-ton
1/12 Pearlington Funding For Community Center
8/13/06 Pearlington Volunteer Reunion
School Merging
2/25/07 Saratoga Springs, NY, Mardi Gras
2/16 BBC Article
1/20 Police Enter Volunteer Org's Office
1/4 Waveland Audit Requested
Waveland Mayor Thanks Hoosiers
Waveland Annexes Land
Habitat in Waveland
School Merging

MS Articles
7/18 Petition for Presidential Candidates
7/5 Allstate Settles with MS
3/25 Church World Services
3/25/07 Wind Pool Article
3/16/07 Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Biloxi Information
3/7 Schools Still Struggling
3/1 MS Commercial Rebuilding Gone Due To Insurance
2/9 MDOT Needs Workers
2/3 Homestead Tax Article
1/27 Going without Heat
1/23 State of the State Address
1/21 Deuce McAllister Working Toward New MS Burn Unit
12/22/06 State of the Gulf Article
9/25 Relief Money Problems Also Continue
9/1 Waste Water Issues
9/1 Report On Rebuilding Artificial Reefs
10/2 - Housing Update
10/4 - New Spider In Town
10/6 Economic Stats for MS
11/8 Local Construction Company Success Story
11/30 Items From Gulf Residents
11/29 Water Supply Proposal For Gulf Coast

Emergency Services/First Responder Information
NOLA Dr. Not Indicted
7/16 New Radios For ES
2/17 NOPD Communication Assistance
2/15 Female Professional Fire Fighters To Help Rebuild
12/24 Hancock County Jail Fire
12/28 Cyanide Treatment In The Field.
12/26 NOPD Needs Personnel
NOFD - City Council Support Updated
12/26 'Still Busted Up
12/25 BSL Fire Dpt Shake up
11/8 Harrison County's New ES Coordinator
11/7 MS Fugitive Sweep a Success
10/23 Avoiding Infectious Diseases
10/20 MS EMS Fraud
10/18 Jefferson Parish EOC
10/5 Increasing Difficulties Insuring MS Law Enforcement
10/5 Hancock County MS Sheriff Wants Raise
10/4 NOLA Area - Fire Annexation Issues
FEMA Pledge to EMS - Added 9/29
Ladder Trucks Needed For New Construction
FD Sources To Call For Attention to Needs
MS FD Guardian Angel

3/19 A Quilt to Make
3/18 For NOLA Lovers - Hubigs Pies Sold Online
3/12 Newt Gingrich On Katrina
3/12 State Farm Settles Out of Court Goes with - 1/12 State Farm Insurance Investigated
3/7 A Survivor Speaks Out
2/17 Environmental Worries Continue
2/17 Gulf Coast Civic Works Project
2/17 Starting Community Gardens
1/27 Cancer Med Article
1/16 Our Own Going to MO To Help
1/16 Alternative Housing
1/13 Aussies Building Steel Framed Homes
1/10 Katrina Cottage Program in MS
1/6 DeWalt Generator Recall
1/5 Animal Crisis Articles
12/3 Foreign Journalists Aghast
12/10 - New Award Winning Play
12/9 Answering The Ignorant - No, The Gulf Isn't Rebuilt Yet
Looking For Purple Heart Recipients
Termite Myth Debunked
8/2 Arsenic or No Arsenic In The Soil?
9/5 Kathleen Koch of CNN Speaks Out
10/13 Coast Line Loss and Recovery

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