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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

MS Gets Money for Cottages

JACKSON, Miss. -- Gov. Haley Barbour announced Tuesday that the state is getting $280 million for a Katrina cottage program, designed to get hurricane victims out of FEMA trailers and into more durable housing.
Administrators with the cottage program will look for the best-designed housing alternative. Barbour said he hopes to have 7,000 cottages built by this summer.
"Those on Mississippi's coast don't have to stay in FEMA trailers. They can have something larger, more comfortable and, most of all, safer and more secure," he said

The cottage would be used nationwide for any natural disasters. Barbour said at least 50 companies are expected to bid on the project.
The cottages are temporary. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has not decided how long families will be able to stay in them.

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