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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Year-End Updates

I'm going to be posting what appears to be a larger group of updates than I planned. Good! I get so stoked reading everyone's accomplishments, plus it gives me ideas *I* can do as well.
So, here goes:

2/14 Wayland To Waveland
Collected and distributed household supplies to outfit several FEMA trailers for residents in Waveland. We far exceeded our goal of filling 100 trailers. These supplies, such as sheets, towels, dishes, pots & pans, cookware, and small kitchen appliances, filled a 53’ truck packed by members of the Wayland High School football team and town volunteers.
The Wayland Angels Network filled more than 500 gift boxes with holiday presents which were distributed to Waveland families during the Christmas holiday.
Close to 150 Wayland families responded with their hearts and generosity in fulfilling the holiday wishes through Waveland’s “Dear Santa Letter” program. Waveland families received gift cards, appliances, clothing, furniture, books, and most importantly, the well wishes and support of new friends in Wayland.
Participated in Wayland’s Feed-a-Heart Program by making and sending hundreds of personalized Valentine’s Day cards to individuals and families living in Waveland.
Contributed gently used prom dresses as part of a multi-town collection of dresses, tuxes, and prom decorations for the Waveland/Bay St. Louis spring proms.
Landscaped the Waveland baseball fields and town park. Designed and planted a memorial garden for a Waveland family lost in the hurricane. A generous donation by the Wayland Garden Club helped purchase trees, shrubs, flowers, and mulch.
Several Wayland organizations have held fundraisers and directed their proceeds to their
Several Wayland residents have made trips to Waveland (at their own expense) as ambassadors of goodwill between the sister communities, and to lend a hand in the clean-up and rebuilding.

2/10 From Philanthropy News Digest
Volunteers Help Mississippi Recover From Katrina
The Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service estimates that more than two hundred and fifty organizations nationwide have deployed volunteers to assist in relief and recovery efforts in coastal areas of the state devastated by Hurricane Katrina, the Sun Herald reports.
Sponsored by churches and nonprofit organizations from across the country, volunteers traveling solo or in groups, office teams, congregation members, and others have fanned out across South Mississippi, with many having visited more than once, often with recruits in tow.
Over the last year, residents' needs have changed, but getting the displaced back in their homes remains the main goal. In the small community of D'Iberville, for example, more than four hundred and fifty damaged properties have been made livable again by volunteers, while another three hundred, identifiable by the blue tarps nailed to their rooftops, are scheduled for work.
The profile of the typical volunteer also seems to have changed with the seasons. Immediately after the storm, most were retirees with experience in disaster response, while during the spring thousands of college students headed south during their spring break. More recently, many families with school-aged children have volunteered some or all of their summer vacation time. "So many people are repeat visitors," said Mike Malkemes, camp director for CORE, based locally at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Ocean Springs and sponsored by two Houston churches. "The impact has been phenomenal."
Smith, Quincy. “Volunteers Reach Out to Get South Mississippi on Its Feet.” Mississippi Sun Herald 8/28/06.
LH of Katrina Networking
Lives in NY
Helping MS first, entire Gulf Coast second
Websites - 7 new since 1/06 - more as needed in '07
Work on daily - at least 4 updates per day.
Submit to search engines monthly for re-indexing of material added throughout the month
5 new weekly features on the Networking site
Notebooks - 4 filled with ideas, information, notes, contacts, addresses - 2 more started.
Animals - Boxes of toys for cats and dogs at animal shelters as available (average quarterly)
Letter to editor, local vet clinics, vet universities, rescue associations for assistance
Families - Establish relief site, send boxes as appropriate material comes available (monthly)
Letter to editor, state universities, churches for assistance
Emergency Services - Letter to editor, NYS PBA's, NYS PD's, FD's, Ambulance services for assistance. Boxes to PD/FD as appropriate (twice yearly)
Library - Letter to editor, county and state library system for assistance. Boxes of supplies as available (quarterly)
Distribution Centers/Food Pantries/Soup Kitchens - letter to editor, NYS Universities, culinary schools, local food pantries for assistance. Boxes of supplies as available (quarterly)
All Agencies, Municipalities, Organizations - research funding, grants, write appropriate letters for assistance
Schools - collect and puncture tennis balls for student chairs, books, wall hangings for library
One House At A Time Project - write letters to HFH affiliates in 8 states requesting assistance, write letters to state universities for assistance, continue contacts with previous volunteers to help them return.
Letters - total - 25-30
Contacts - +/- 350

PRR with Citizen Action Team
Lives in MA
I assisted a several areas in different states
Helped get trucks, gas, clothes, computers, medical supplies, veterinarian supplies, personal hygien, water, food, etc.
Contacted individual, and town officials in several states.
Sent personal relief packages to individuals who were organizing in hardest hit areas so that they could have some treats for themselves.
Spent zillions of hours on the telephone long distance, contacting victims personally and finding help for them or just talking to them... it was amazing, such a gift to be able to help in that way as well.
Wish to do in '07 - Gathering office equipment and whatever else I can do.

GS of NOLA Voices For Peace, Plenty Intl, United Peace Relief, IVAW Deployed
Lives in LA
Assisting South Eastern Louisiana, Common Ground Relief, United Peace Relief, Plenty International, Emergency Communities, others
Media Training
Website Development
Video Production
Wish to do in '07 March 17-21 Independent media retreat in Slidell, LA. for progressive peace and relief organizations that want to foster better communications between their membership, volunteers partnering organizations and supporters. Demonstrations on Digital Video, Advanced Website Development, and internet video communications will be provided. March 19th and 20th the retreat attendees will participate in local events that remember the cost of war and it's effects on the relief effort at home. March 21 we will edit the video of these events and post it to our websites.
More info:

DR of Angie Distribution Center
Lives in LA
Assisting Angie, LA
Collected and distributed:
Medical Supplies
Can Goods

Goal for '07: Our goal is help rebuild our community and to make it better than before. We will search for resources to help our underpriviledge and underserved community make a come back from Hurricane Katrina. With the help of God and people like you we will work together and help other surrounding communities like ours. We got a late start, but God always know when the time is right. We will work hard to get the things that we need to help our community to survive. My true beliefs are is that 2007 will be the year that our community will come together and rebuild as a family and help all of those that are in need. With God all things are possible and we will stand on His Word.

JMD lives in LA
Affiliation - Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans
Assisting with providing health care for the uninsured in Orleans & Jefferson Parishes
Two clinics (Metairie & Bywater),
Also assisting with establishing and maintaining school-based social & mental health services, primary care outreach
Goals improved health outcomes

LKP lives in AL
Affiliation: City Action Partnership www.capisdowntown.com
Assisting: Coastal Area from Bayou LaBatre to New Orleans, also have helped Angie, LA, Pecan Island, Lake Charles area
Send down pallets of toiletry items, baby formula, femine products, children’s clothing (when asked for), detergent, food boxes, blankets, pillows, sheets, pots and pans, paper products and hangers.
We put together and distributed thousands of kits of diabetic testing supplies.
Sent kits went to approx. 40 clinics in the Gulf Coast and Lake Charles, LA area.
Facilitated the sharing of supplies between clinics and medical support groups.
Joined Rick Fehr (aka Biloxidoc) in collecting and sending over 2500 packages of underwear and socks throughout the Gulf Coast.
Responded to call for water in June and sent down 2 18 wheelers of water.
Made up and distributed 700 first aid kits.
Made 4 trips to the Gulf delivering diabetic kits, general supplies and first aid kits.
One trip included 13 stops to demonstrate the CAT Database.
Sent to Waveland: laptop computer, 2 a/c units, 3 toilets, a stove and a lawn mower, and 1500 pairs of new flip flops thanks to Mike McCormick’s mission group.
Created instructional Power Point presentation for CAT Database. Presented it at a meeting of 6 organizations in Waveland area.
Sorted and shipped approx. 10 pallets of medical supplies donated by UAB Hospital.
Joined with Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Longs electronics, Girl Scouts of Cahaba Council, and Hands On Birmingham in Christmas campaigns to collect blankets for Bayou LaBatre (8 boxes), toys for Boys and Girls Club of the Gulf in Gulfport (2 pallets) and food boxes for Angie, LA (1 ½ pallets) and pet supplies for Waveland, MS (1 1/2 pallets).
Goals: Seek more partnerships with local organizations, get all clinics using database, keep clinics database records updated. Continue distributing diabetic and medical supplies.

CS & BS live in Missouri
Organization Affiliation: Katrina Medical Volunteers Association
D’Iberville, MS
Provided free medical care and medications to Hurricane Victims w/o insurance along the MS Gulf Coast
1. Continue providing free medical care for next 12 months
2. Obtain Volunteer Medical personnel for next 12 months (Drs & nurses)
3. Obtain Funding thru donations and grants for next 12 months
4. Continue to provide free medications for those in need thru samples, donations, and purchasing
5. Change state regulations on the licensing of temporary drs from out of state
6. Turn Clinic over to someone or some group that has the same convictions that we do to keep the Clinic going

KMH lives in the state of MS
Works and volunteers for Oxford Healthcare
Serving uninsured/underinsured clients/patients
Helping staff as able due to destruction of homes.
Goals - continue helping clients, patients and or staff if so needed. Items needed are boxes of clothes ranging from size 3t through 3x in mens and ladies, boys and girls sizes. Whatever is available some of our patients have no family, and or friends. Or they are on fixed income and in dire need of some form of assistance. We would gladly appreciate any donation that you are willing to give

Coastal Community Watch is a group in MS
1. We've come up with an on-line candidate's forum - sort of a one-stop-shop for voters. We gave it a dry run with the November elections in Waveland. The forum got rave reviews from both candidates and voters. We're hoping this type of site will catch on along the coast - it can be an easy and free tool for any community. Check it out: http://www.servewaveland.blogspot.com/ (and if any group out there is interested in starting one for their community or specific focus, we'll be glad to share ideas).
2. Along with many other groups, we participated in a national campaign to stop a change in wetlands regulations along the Mississippi Coast. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15305378/). Our own "neck of the woods" has seen a struggle with the Corp over wetlands regulation enforcement (http://coastalcommunitywatch.blogspot.com/2006/06/wetlands-red-alert.html )
3. We're closely watching an appeal before the State Supreme Court. It will decide whether developments like this one (http://www.mississippi-condos.com/) are allowed to build on 1100 acres of our Hancock coastal wetlands. (http://coastalcommunitywatch.blogspot.com/2006/04/zoning-appeal.html).
4. This year we're planning a campaign for urgently needed property tax protections for Coast residents - ( http://coastalcommunitywatch.blogspot.com/2006/10/property-tax-protection.html). Please contact us if you or your group would be interested in helping.
If y ou'd like to join our group (it's free and entirely internet based, so there are no meetings or dues), just click here (http://coastalcommunitywatch.blogspot.com/2006/10/to-join-ccw.html ).

DS/JWL both live in IL
Affiliated with Roadhouse Student Ministries- "Restore the Faith" Mission
Assisting Lakeshore, MS
Building Elderly Widows Homes
GOAL: We are committed for the next 10 years to build homes and give them to elderly
NEED: financing, material & labor

Great idea, here is my information.
DR lives in MS
Affiliated with Manna Ministries, Inc
Assisting Pearl River and Upper Hancock Counties, of Mississippi
List of Actions: Assisted over 23,000 families with food/clothing, treated over 2,800 patients through our free medical clinic, assisted over 640 families with utility bill and rental assistance, and as part of a local Long term recovery committee, our organization has helped over 22 families with repairing their homes that were damaged by Katrina.
Goals: We hope to assist at least another 40-50 families in repairing their damaged homes. We also hope to expand our clinic services to include home health services.

Manna Ministries, Inc
795 Memorial Blvd. Suite H
Picayune, Ms. 39466
Phone: 601-798-4511

AM Lives in LA
Volunteers at Common Ground Health Clinic
Assisting New Orleans Uninsured and underinsured.
Needs: Steady supply of generic medicines and insulinClinical supplies such as needles, syringes, pregnancy tests, urinalysis dip sticks

Tri-Coastal Community Outreach.
4750 Joe Carl Road in Fowl River, Ala.
Have helped over 1000 families that are not back on their feet from the effects of Katrina. Every week, we help with clothes, bedding, shoes, food, blankets, hygiene supplies, baby supplies, building supplies, including but not limited to sinks, bath tubs , windows, doors, wall paper, microwaves, kitchen sets, beds ect.
TCCO works with volunteers and volunteer teams that come in from all over the country.
We are now designing a program, to stress to residents the importance of having a plan for disaster.
We have begun making disaster relief kits, for the elderly and those who just might not have the cash to put these things together.
I believe, that families prepared, equals cities better prepared, so, when the next storm hits, a plan of action is ready.
We visit client homes to better assist them with household repairs and assessment of further repairs needed.
We work with other agencies, inside and outside of Ala.
We serve families from Mobile County; (from Coden, Grand Bay, Irvington, Bayou Le Batre, Ala Port, Dog River, Fowl River, St. Elmo, Semmes , Fair Hope, Theodore), just to mention a few. We also help families from MS too.
This Holiday season, we, with the help of you and others served 271 families and of that number 743 children received gifts, toys and clothing.

MB is in LA
Emergency Communities
Director of Development
Buras, Louisiana

Current Activities
Community Center
Three free hot wholesome meals a day to residents
Distribution center
Internet Café
Daycare in local FEMA trailer park
First aid
Opening new site in Lower 9th ward of New Orleans

Initiate a tool library
Establisha robust gutting program,
Create a more comprehensive counseling service

JJ RN, MN lives in MS, is Medical Clinic Coordinator and is Affiliated with Bethel Lutheran Church in Biloxi
The un-insured/ underinsured residents of the Gulf Coast counties with health needs
Clinic size box of strep tests (Quidel)
Physician volunteers weekly

Goals - To improve recruitment for medical volunteers in order to provide adequate medical care to those in need and who cannot afford to meet those needs.

RKM lives in NYS Is Cofounder of The Giving Circle, Inc. and Assists in Waveland.
Devised a Needs Assessment Form to help in the prioritization of assistance to the Waveland residents who need assistance.
Sponsorship of Hancock County Girls' Softball League: Giving Circle Corporate Sponsors funded six of the ten teams in the League in March 2006 and The Giving Circle purchased League uniforms and equipment lost in Hurricane Katrina.

The Write-a-Thon Project: School children, sponsored at a nickel a word, wrote to their counterparts in Waveland and funded the purchase of educational software for the Waveland Elementary School.

Sponsored Beach Clean-Up, including the distribution of thousands of flower seeds, Spring Festival, and Easter Egg Hunt, April, 2006

May 2, 2006, Saratoga Springs Mayor Keehn with the support of The Saratoga Springs City Council issued a Proclamation declaring Waveland, Mississippi and Saratoga Springs, New York to be Sister Cities to help raise awareness of the disaster that still exists in Waveland and help with the relief efforts for Waveland in Saratoga Springs.

Pave The Wave Home Rebuilding Program: A check was given by Mayor Valerie Keehn for The Giving Circle to a Waveland family for site preparation for a new home to be funded by further collections from The Giving Circle, October 2006.

A Saratoga Middle School had its own fund-raiser: "Hats On Days" (students paid $1 to
wear hats in school) raised $$$ for home rebuilding in Waveland.

Operation Waveland Christmas: Program to collect gift cards or funds to purchase gift cards to be sent to Waveland for Holiday purchases at local vendors.

3 Visits to Waveland by Members of The Giving Circle, Inc.
1. March 2006 Fact Finding and Awareness Raising.
2. October 5-10, 2006: Volunteer Effort.
3. October 28, 2006: The Giving Circle's third visit to Waveland.
This project took place on "Make A Difference Day" sponsored by USA Weekend and appears on their website, (http://usaweekend.com/diffday).

ESL lives in PA and is associated with Charity In Action
In 2006 we worked with the Hancock County Distribution Warehouse until it closed, and also Pass Christian School District in neighboring Harrison County.
List of 2006 donations and activities:

180 used coats and sweatshirts
466 new electric heater/fans
$10,000 worth of food,
bottled water and cleaning supplies
Tractor-trailer load of bottled water
Over $10,000-worth of building supplies (doors, windows, sheetrock, putty and tape)
Also co-sponsored a service trip of college students and faculty to work in Hancock County for a week.
To Pass Christian School District:
paid for barcoding on 197 donated library books
over $10,000-worth of new library furniture for their elementary school

Goals for future:
Sponsor service trips of Bryn Athyn College students each spring for the next three years
Additional aid in coastal Mississippi as our resources allow
Keep our organization alive and ready to respond in case of future disasters.

Thanks for all you do!

MB lives in LA and is associated with Emergency Communities
Current Activities
Community Center
Three free hot wholesome meals a day to residents
Distribution center
Internet Café
Daycare in local FEMA trailer park
First aid
Opening new site in Lower 9th ward of New Orleans
Initiate a tool library
Establish a robust gutting program,
Create a more comprehensive counseling service

EV lives in MS and is associated with St. Andrew's Mission
615 Bendat Street P.O. Box 1407 McComb, MS 39649
Received :Blood Glucose Monitors
Glucose Testing Strips
Goals for 2007 are to educate and provide treatment to diabetics and hypertensive persons regarding their individual care. This will be achieved through screenings at health fairs, etc and the free health clinic.

JA of Katrinas Angels
We co-hosted Thanksgiving Dinner in Moss Point, MS for over 720 people!
We re-roofed a homeless shelter in Moss Point.
We helped several hundred families with various needs including clothing,office equipment, finding resources when the families thought there were none, locating housing and employment, food assistance, medical assistance and many, manyother ways.
We sent over 75 Easter Baskets to needy children in Mississippi.
We helped several families return home.
We found sponsors for over 50 families for the holidays.
As special thank you for some amazing readers who had a Read A Thon and helped over a dozen more families.
We replenished school libraries and contributed back to school supplies.
We offered a sympathetic ear and gave hope.
So please take a minute to show family and friendsthis list of accomplishments and proudly tell them, "I helped with this."
We have yahoo groups, we have bloggers, we have sister groups, we have resource coordinators, we have researchers, we have database people, we have media experts and we may not thank them as much as we should---but they are inspirations and heroes. Through their efforts and true desire to help, we have learned the value of sharing and working towards a common goal. You know whoyou are and we love you! So Bravo to our volunteers and Bravo to our donors!

1/22 ST of GA is founder of Eight Days of Hope working throughout the Gulf
* 2,500 volunteers have participated in these three relief efforts
* 8 Days of Hope has remodeled, refurbished or rebuilt almost 500 homes
* 7,500 pieces of sheetrock have been installed
* Over 1,700 squares of roofing shingles have been nailed on many roofs that needed to be stripped
* 105 homes have either completely or partially been rewired
* Over 1,000 rolls of insulation have been installed
* 25 homes have been primed and painted
* Over 200 homes have had extensive carpentry work done

1/24 - HUGE List of Achievements

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