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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Keep Toasty Coat Drive

Let's have a "Keep Toasty" drive.
This event will be the result of multiple drives to collect coats, hats , pajamas, socks, blankets, other outerwear---anything that can keep a person warm and toasty.
After Christmas will be a good time to start publicizing this because people will be getting rid of old stuff and there will be sales on new outerwear.
I think the best places to distribute would be to the FEMA parks near Moss Point and some in NOLA. Apparently a couple parks already have programs in place so we'll limit our distribution to 2 in Louisiana. I am getting the numbers and addresses for the parks in NOLA.
We need to start thinking about this now. A harsh, more cold winter ispredicted for the Gulf and there will definitely be a need. We can also have the people distributing serving hot chocolate, coffee and donuts while handing out the items. I am going to get in touch with some radio stations to see if they can have a collection drive to help get the numbers of items up.
Please get back to me with any suggestions or ideas but I think the framework is in place. I have someone working on a flyer for us.
Lynne Onufer
Program Director

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