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Friday, January 12, 2007

Helping From Home

The following links give you suggestions and ways to assist in the hurricane recovery effort without the travel. So much can be done from a distance, that everyone from every walk of life can assist in some way. Take a moment to review the links and become inspired to assist.

3/30 If You Donate Computers, Helpful Software Information
3/22 Other Ways To Volunteer
3/18 Make a Quilt
3/18 Other Ways To Donate
2/25 More Help for Expectant Mothers
2/23 Helping Expectant Mothers
2/23 Helping Reclaim Gardens
2/12 Donating Furniture
1/13 - Support Hope Haven Children's Shelter in MS. Buy a cotton afghan throw
2/7 BoxTops For Education
Labels For Education
Buy The DVD - Art of The Storm Updated
Buy The Book, Chasing Solomon
Buy The Book, Story of A Storm
Buy A Bracelet And Volunteer

Buy A Bracelet Through The Katrina Band

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