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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Online Donations
Adopt A Bedroom Started by a lady to get children back into real bedrooms
Allentown Rd FD A MD fire department assisting Hancock County Fire Departments
Art Of The Storm - a Video made by artists with proceeds for all Gulf Artists
BRICK Layers - AL based group helping rebuild Pearlington
BucksMont PA - PA based group built a children's center in BSL, now building animal shelter
Second Helpins - Rainbows doing soup kitchen work on a shoestring budget.
Camp Victor - Christus Victor Church. All monies go to rebuilding homes
Carol Pigott - A Gulf Native helping all Gulf Artists
CoHR Lens - Started by the Carnival of Hurricane Relief - another list of places to assist
Charity In Action - PA group helping Hancock County agencies rebuild
CitiImpact - Helping rebuild throughout the region - donated 800 turkeys at Thanksgiving
CitizenActionTeam - All monies go to shipping supplies found on their database
CityTeam - Need building supplies in great quantities to rebuild Bay St Louis homes
Disaster Corps Working in Pearlington and Hancock County to rebuild "Green"
8 Days of Hope - Working in MS with thousands of volunteers - need building materials
Foundation Hope - rebuilding houses for less than 24,000 each.
The Giving Circle 2 houses almost finished, in need of more building materials to start more
HANDS MS based organization helping with all aspects of family life
HandsOn National org working throughout the region to rebuild homes and lives
HandsOn NOLA Handson site specific to NOLA
HeritageConservation - National org helping rebuild historic homes in Bay St Louis
KansasMethodists Helping Hancock County clean up
Karing IL org helping rebuild Bay St Louis homes and lives
Katrina Artists Artists needing new venues to sell and live
Katrina's Angels
Volunteers needing financial/material assistance for their "adopted" families
KenTenn Relief One man trying to transport materials to the Gulf.
Lagniappe Church Financial/Material assistance needed to help with rebuilding homes
Loving Neighbors - Financial assistance for rebuilding churches in Pearlington
Manna Ministries Financial/Material assistance to rebuild homes and lives
Mission From MN Financial assistance to help rebuild homes
New Hope Const Financial assistance to help finance house kits for families
OHAAT One House At A Time, financial and limited material assistance needed to build homes
Presby Disaster Assistance - financial assistance for rebuilding and administrative costs
Port Townsend Financial/Material assistance for building homes and community center
POD Church - Financial/Material assistance for building homes
Book By The Children Buying the book helps rebuild schools in Pass Christian
Wayland2Waveland - Financial/Material assistance to help rebuild homes

Direct Relief - In Kind Donations to Those Who Need It
Animal Shelters

Hancock County Animal Shelter
Waveland Animal Shelter
Waveland Animal Shelter 322 Gulfside St Waveland, MS 39576 228-467-0230
The library system has done exceedingly well, considering how few dollars there are to go around, but they lost just about everything and still have a substantial list on their site. They have been tremendous in the recovery efforts.
Art Community
You can donate goods or money and can even adopt an artist, should you choose to do so.
The Children
Hope Haven Children's Home
An older, established home that has just re-opened for children - a full 8 months following The Storm's passing. It is the only home in MS that will take wheel chair bound children or pregnant teens.
Boys and Girls Club
Hancock County's B&G's Club 1101 St. Joseph St. (Waveland Elementary)Waveland, MS 39576 Phone: (228) 323-8679 Fax: (228) 463-9662
It was wiped off the map during The Storm.
Bay Waveland School District
They are again requiring students to wear uniforms. Please consider assisting with this since most parents are still without homes, their old jobs, or places to shop.
Bay Catholic School
A very long needs list, but you can also choose your grade if you'd like! They are merging with another school due to The Storm.
Our Lady Academy
The only all girls school in MS.
Hancock County School District
I've never gotten a list from the school district like I have the others, but I will not leave them out. Contact them.

St Rose de Lima
Another that was virtually wiped out, but the building remained solid.
Have undertaken the web in hopes of helping its congregation by setting up a registry of needs.

The Towns
The City of Waveland's Needs
The story and list are both long, but worthy of reading.
Waveland Fire
They are still working out of FEMA trailers and are in need of larger equipment
Waveland Police
City of Waveland 335 Coleman Avenue Bldg. 8 Waveland, MS 39576
Their website and email are still shaky, so refer to the above post for their needs.
Bay St. Louis
The City's Needs
You can also go to http://www.GulfCoastNews.com for updates.
The list is long, but with the help of many, is getting shorter by the day.
BSL Fire
Working out of FEMA trailers and with fewer fire fighters than normal, life is a challenge.
BSL Police
They just got new patrol cars and body armor. Life is good! But still needing much to offset the non-budget coming up. Their are also reduced by 30% due to what is now becoming permanent evacuation.
Distribution Centers/Food Pantries
Hancock County Food Pantry
PO Box 4313
Bay St Louis MS 39521
They lost their building. and they are actually borrowing a building on Hope Haven's property until the county rebuilds where they were before. Until then, the needs are at least those of any other food pantry in the summer - GREAT.

Other Resource Pages
Grants For Communities
Grants for Non-Profits
For Non-Profits and Municipalities
For Schools
Safety Guidelines For Volunteers

Education Assistance
Emotional Resources
Family Resources
Furniture and More
Grandfamily/Single Parent Resources
Grants for Individuals - does not include homeowner or repair grants
LA Family Resources
Medical Resources
Mortgage Resources

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