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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Snail Mail Scam

I had seen this on the national news, but hadn't heard about it associated with the hurricane. Here's what one of my families sent me:

Something I forgot to mention earlier, too. I got an anonymous letter not long back, with no return address. Inside the letter were four money orders for $850 each, for a total of $3400, all made out to me. I thought perhaps they might be somebody's way of trying to help, but I was suspicious, so I took them down to my bank and had them check them before depositing them.
The bank determined that they were indeed fakes, and told me that if I had deposited them and spent ANY of the money, I would have had to replace it - and would have possibly been investigated for fraud myself. They were very good fakes, and the teller said she would have deposited them with no questions if I hadn't questioned them myself and requested the investigation.
I don't know what kind of twisted soul would do something like that, particularly when people are trying to recover from a disaster, but I thought it was something to mention to you. I want to make sure people know that while we should be grateful for any help, it's always best to be cautious as well. The world has some pretty sick people in it, and I'd hate to see someone have additional problems because of something like this.
We still don't know why they were sent. Best we can figure, it was either somebody playing a sick joke, or they were trying to pull a scam and forgot to include the letter. (The second is my favorite - Can you imagine a criminal sending the drafts but forgetting the letter explaining what they're for?)


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