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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Photo Restoration


The Professional Photo Restoration Studio
PO Box 286157
New York, NY 10128

Leslie Teltoe found this link, and I followed up on what these folks are willing to do to assist folks from The Storm.

I'll put it in a FAQ format. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact them. They are incredibly rapid with their response! I was very impressed.

Your offer of one free photo restoration per Katrina Client is great! What if people have more than one photo?

We are willing to consider multiple submissions from one customer at a reduced price. They must have proof of residence in the affected area at the time The Storm came through.

On your website, you have a pre-1980 cut-off for photos. Is there a reason?

The reason we chose the 1980 cut-off date is because we wanted to work with photographs that have historical importance or are significant in the family history, as well as photos that have great sentimental value. Of course we will consider more recent photos, with those criteria in mind.

How do you prefer folks send the photos? While you have free pickup in NYC, most people are on the coast.

The clients may send the photos by US Mail (don't send by any private courier service such as FEDEX). They are responsible for making sure the photos are well-packaged and secure, adding insurance if they want. When we return the restored version, along with the damaged original, we will use US Mail insured. We will charge the client ahead of time for the return shipping-- it will be itemized on the statement along with other charges, if there are any. Obviously, whatever it costs for the client to send, that will be approximately the cost to return. Unless additional items are ordered, such as additional prints, that is the general rule.

Clients can also scan the photo and send it by e-mail: Scan should be at 100%, 300 dpi (high resolution), RGB mode, JPEG format. Make sure the resulting file is no more than 5 mgs in size.

Is there any other information you'd like?
Yes. Please detail exactly how the photo was damaged - flooding, found in a tree, petroleum products, fire, mold, etc.


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