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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Waveland MS Christmas Needs

Right now use the public relations address and please make sure it is marked "Seniors Aid"
City of Waveland
Public Relation Dept
Coleman Ave
Waveland, MS 39576

What I have been getting is there are also needs for Seniors Shut-ins.
I have been speaking to a social worker for seniors and there are needs:
slide in slippers with grip on the bottoms so the seniors won't slip
dust robes
dusting powder

Also, I like to focused more on the early teenagers. These are the kids that can go one way or to the troubled side of life. You know what I mean.
Gift cards to
-JC Penny.
These are stores they can buy their clothes from and feel good about it.

Diapers! We always need diapers! If you know of anyone wishing to donate a bag or a crate full, send them our way!

I still don't have a good date but the Lagniappe church will be hosting it for us and also if you have any organizations that want to help with toys please pass the address along because we are not much of a response.

People have forgotten what life is around here.
There are so many people still in Fema trailers. So many who can't make ends meet. And even those who used their grant or insurance money wrong - but why make the children suffer for their stupidity? Help the children have Christmas.

12/1 - Update From Tina:
You know it's not even December yet and we have 23 families on our list and several people have called and asked if we were collecting names yet. We have started on a few things. I am asking our Rotary Club to bring a new toy in order to get in the Christmas Party. The Bay High School student council has called and wants to help by collecting toys and adopting 2 families. Caring is coming down and giving a Christmas carnival for the foster kids and their adopted families.

I am also a ambassador for the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce and in order to get in that party you need a present. That seems to be my new thing. please let me know if you need any further info.

12/8 From Tina:
This morning on the way to work I returned Joy's call .She was so worried about getting enough toys and stuff for the kids in the area. She asked how are we going to tell people there is no way we can help them. Well you know that is not going to happen.

Joy from City Hall in the Public Relation Dept received a call today from someone that had read your blog about the Christmas and seniors needs.

Today she received this call from a local man that had received help rebuilding his home from a group from up north that wanted to help with Christmas. So this guy got on the Internet and found you blog list Waveland city hall public relation dept and that is how a few more kids will have Christmas.

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