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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving CoHR

The only reason I see a need to push the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas is when people in need are involved. Last year, many organizations and people (myself included) got blind-sided by the holidays, scrambling to organize assistance.

So many of these survivors still don't have Christmas ornaments! No stockings, no money for presents for their children, nothing for Thanksgiving.

This year, many of us have been anticipating this and have begun our campaigns early. The following links are different examples of what people are doing, what some hope to have done, what some wish could be. If you are touched in anyway, please help. $10 buys a gift or 50 ornaments. $20 can buy a prelit Christmas tree. $50 buys Thanksgiving for at least a family of 4.

My Pop Art is doing its part to help

Buy a Calendar For Your Babe!

Boat People Reports On The Katrina Cash Crunch

Hurricane Katrina Relief's Efforts

TryNova's Holiday Coping For Survivors

CE's Post for Pickin' Up The Pieces

8 Days of Hope is Going for New Years

JudyB of Thanks, Katrina, posts about a volunteer memorial

NOLA Catholic Charities Event

Baton Rouge Catholic Charities

Leslie's Work for The Holidays

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