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I am using my networking and marketing skills to pass along vital information to organizations, volunteers and survivors of the 2005 hurricane season. Grants, networking, advocating, assistance resources, articles and more. Updated regularly to better assist you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Carnival of Hurricane Relief Oct 18

Progress Seen From Southern Miss Alumni

Desert Bayou being shown in Iowa

Ana Marie's Reporting on Congressional Bill For Home Owners

A Book Review of Holding Out and Hanging On By Freshare

Facing South Shows The Continued Neglect of Washington Leaving Children Behind

Marine Environment News Highlights More Small Business Help

Beyond Katrina Publishes Report On Non Profits

CL&P discusses Foreclosure Rates and Katrina Connection

Brave New Films Highlights Kaiser Family Foundation Study on "Lazy Katrina Victims"

YA'LL Sponsoring Events

One Survivor's Ongoing Story....

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