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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Help Katrina Survivors This Christmas

12/12 - 2 new families in as many days. Will post their information as I get it gleaned...
First - What friends, family and I are doing for some survivors Updated 11/26

Now - do you want to help a family? If you are from the Binghamton Area and would like to assist, please contact me at KatrinaCoalition@aol.com. I am more than willing to pay for shipping if you are willing to buy the gifts. I have them categorized by family below, with head of households listed first. ALL of the families want the children taken care of first! Items in Bold Red are Promised to be gotten. 11/23 - list is up only a few hours and someone has already started helping! Woo!

Or would you like to help an organization helping Katrina Survivors? I am compiling a list of local Gulf organizations in need as well as national agencies that are assisting. You can contact them directly from the information I list, or you can contact me for further information. Have posted this on another page

The following is a Wishing Tree of sorts. It is all of the items that are needed by the families that are still able to contact me. Many have lost internet service - they can't afford home phones anymore. But, those who have responded have sent me lists of needs and wishes for this Christmas.

The following was written by one of the mothers:
12/1/07 As I said before, I know that many people think that everyone who went through Katrina must be settled by now, but that is far from true. We struggle daily with the loss of our town, community of friends and just dealing with the fact that overnight our lives have been changed forever...but in the end through our own determination and the help and kindness of others, our lives will be repaired and hopefully we will be stronger human beings. We have learned that there are wonderful people in this world such as you, who can and will make a difference in many lives...and on behalf of myself and my family, I thank you for that.

For Dogs - Many of the families have pets:
Flea Collars
Regular Collars

12/12 28 y.o. mother's children
Caleb - 9 sizes – top: 14 ,bottom: 14 husky, shoes 6 youth
For Xmas Glasses, Anything Pokemon, video games (National Geographic For kids Promised; Reader's Digest Promised, 1 Book, Some Pokemon promised)

Celina -2 - sizes – clothes 3T, shoes 8 toddler, diapers size 5
For Xmas Clothes, Shoes, Diapers, anything Dora, anything Diego (Dora coloring book, Barbie coloring book, stuffed animal Promised)

Cristina -1 sizes – clothes 12 m, shoes 2 infant, diapers size 2
For Xmas - Hair accessories, Hello Kitty, Light up toys, Age Appropriate toys (baby blanket, stuffed animal, promised)
12/12 39 y.o. mother's children
camrie 13-size 4 pants,large shirt.Size 9 shoes
blade 11,wears 14 pants,14 shirt
maycie 1 2t{a }.
We would like computers, games, baby educational toys. Music cd's, cd players. Thank you very much

69 y.o. Grandmother - Disabled with Bad Hips
Pinks, Blues & earth tones.
pants/jeans size 24
shirts (button ups or T-shirts).
Bra - 44D (no under wire please, white or beige)
Panties - Size 13 any color (she likes the silky fabric, rather than the cotton).
Shoes - 10 wide.
Socks - ankle socks size 10 women's (tennis & dress).
electrical drill with both forward and reverse, she would love an warm winter blanket - king size to wrap up in
Reader's Digest Promised
46 y.o. Mother - Disabled with traumatic arthritis
Purples & earth tones, frills
T-shirts - 3X-5X Long
Pants - 28 tall women's, 3X in stretch pants and shorts.
Bra - 44DD (no under wire please, any color) is allergic to fiberfill
Socks - Size ladies 9/10 anklets and crew cut (any color).
Shoes – 8 1/2 Wide/Extra wide
I do enjoy decoupage, crotchet, knitting, painting, drawing and other creative crafts.

32 y.o. Working Mother
Black (think subtle goth style)
Shirts/T's size S-M.
Skirts/pants/jeans size 0-4 women's. Some promised
Bra - 36A
Panties - Ladies size 6/7
Socks - Ladies size 9/9 1/2
Shoes - 9/10
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies. a warm ski suit, since she freezes even down here.

Their Children:
School Uniforms (all public schools in the south require uniforms)
Khaki, navy for pants, skirts and jumpers. Navy, light blue & Maroon for shirts. Socks - white, navy, maroon.
National Geographic For Kids Promised
15 y.o. girl
Camouflage, pinks, blues. Some promised
Shirts/T's size M-L ladies.
Skirts/pants/jeans size ladies 6/7
Bra - 36B
Panties - ladies 6/7 (any color)
Socks - ladies 9-91/2 anklet & crew
Shoes - women's size 9-10
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies.
Make up.
CD's - Country & Rap, DVD's - Comedy & Horror

14 y.o. Boy
Red, black, & green.
Shirts/T's - boys size L
Pants/shorts/jeans - size boys 18 regular
Boxers only - size 16/18
Socks - 9-91/2 crew
Shoes - men size 91/2 - 10 1/2
Model Cars & Airplanes Playstation-II Games DVD's - something 14 year old boys would like

13 y.o. Girl
Pinks, blues. Some promised
Shirts/T's size M-L ladies.
Skirts/pants/jeans size ladies 6/7
Bra - 36B - 36C (pastel)
Panties - ladies 6/7
Socks - ladies 9 - 91/2 anklet & crew Loves toe socks.
Shoes - women's size 9 - 9 1/2
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies, jewelry, stuffed animals. Something pretty to sit on her dresser, CD's Country (her favorites are Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Nelly and Kid's Pick), earrings, Make up and finger nail polish.

12 y.o. Boy
Yellow, blue & orange.
Shirts/T's - boys size L.
Pants/shorts/jeans - size boys 16 husky.
Boxers only - size 14/16
Socks - 9-9 1/2 crew
Shoes - size 8 1/2 - 9
X-Box Games, Playstation-II Games to play at a friend's house.

7 y.o Girl
Purples, reds/magenta, blues Some promised
Jumpers/dresses - size 12 -14 chubby.
Shirts/T's - child's size Large
Pants/shorts/jeans - size 12 - 14 chubby.
Socks - anklet & knee highs, Loves toe socks.
Shoes - 5 1/2
hair accessories and scrunchies. Children's DVD's (she loves watching these!), Mermaids, Brat dolls, Coloring Books.
28 y.o. Mother - unable to find consistent work
everyday/work environment attire , button down blouses, bottoms etc. I wear M/L in blouses it differs,sometimes L will be to big in blouses and tops sometimes not, ,bottoms size 12
Toiletries - all
Paper products - all
Dental assistance
Gas for travel.
Laptop for College
Christmas Tree "Kit" Promised
10 y.o. Girl
couple of burgundy uniform tops for school, navy bottom, everyday tops/bottoms, undergarments.
She is growing up. I was in denial still trying to squeeze her into a 10/12 but she needs size 14 bottoms,and 14 tops to be safe.
bratz the moviez remote control corvette cruiser
bratz atm machine
bratz microphone
bratz styling head (mannequinn head)
bratz cyber style kids interactive laptop
kids watch
mp3 player
clothes or gift card to purchase
shoes or gift card to purchase
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised
41 y.o. Mother/Grandmother
Clothes (shirts size large, pants 7, pajamas, socks, etc)
*Work clothes (blouses size large, dress pants size 7) 1 of each Promised
Purse - Promised
Pots or other kitchen items such as plastic storage containers, cooking utensils
Rice Cooker - Promised
Gift card for groceries would come in handy (Winn Dixie, Walmart, Sam's)
Reader's Digest Promised
21 y.o. woman
Clothes (Shirts size xlarge, jogging suit xl, paiamas, socks, etc)
Camera Promised
Photo album/scrapbooking items
Bath and body products (body wash, lotion, etc)

19 y.o. son
Clothes (Shirts size Large or XLarge, jeans size 34 waist, underwear Large, socks, tee shirts) Shirt, T-shirt Promised
Electric Razor
Any sports items (he loves Basketball and Football)
Blank CD's
Alarm Clock Promised

13 y.o. girl
Clothes - Either 14/16 or a small in juniors (tops, jeans, jogging set, socks, underwear, etc)
Pink Digital Camera - Promised
CD's - She loves country music (Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood, also Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers) National Geographic For Kids Promised
Games - Twister (She has scattergories and clue...family games)
Items from Claires - Hair accessories, earrings, necklaces...any girly type things
She enjoys shopping so a gift card would be great - she loves Aeropostale, Target, Walmart

20 month old girl
Clothes - 24 months (preferably winter clothes.) A few Promised
Shoes - Size 6 or 7 in infants/children Promised
Toys - She likes baby dolls, toys that make music/sounds, toys that teach shapes/colors, books
Hair Accessories - Barrettes, hair ties, etc
Other - Diapers (size 4), baby wipes, sippy cups, powder, lotion, warm character blanket.

8 month old boy
Clothes - 9 to 12 months (preferably winter clothes...shirts, pants, socks, winter jacket, etc)
Toys - Anything with sound/lights, any baby toy trucks, books, etc
Other - Diapers (size 3 - he's a big boy :), baby wipes, etc)

31 y.o. Disabled Mother
I am in serious need of electric assistance

45 y.o. Disabled Father
Food, cleaning supplies, blankets. Would like hunting interest stuff. 4X shirts, 5x pants

9 y.o. Boy with ADHD
shirts men's med., men's 9 1/2 shoes, pants men's 40x30's
needs some long sleeved white shirts no collar and royal blue polo shirts for school uniforms
he loves games and fishing, science and animals
he is ADHD and has several learning disabilities
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised
12 y.o. Girl
Shirt women's med.'s Some Promised
shoes 9 1/2 pants 10 or 12
loves music
make up and girly stuff

28 y.o. Mother
shirts - large
Pants size 9/10
Shoes size 7
Cleaning Supplies
Gas cards

60 y.o. Grandmother (dying of ulcerative cholitis)
Shirts - large
Pants - 9/10
Shoes - 7
Instant Carnation Breakfast Powder
CVS gift cards for medications

13 y.o. Boy
Shirts - sm mens
Pants - size18 boys
X-Box game - Halo 3 to play at friend's house
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promsied

This family is brand new to the list and is currently dealing with a death in the family. No list yet, but I'm sure general "kid" stuff would be most appreciated.
33 y.o. Mother
32 y.o. Father
9 y.o Boy

2 y.o. Girl
1 y.o. Girl (8 weeks premature)

National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised

30 y.o. Mother
housewares, towels, dishes (any solid color), glasses,
clothes jeans (size 16 can be bought in tall sizes), bedding, shirts (L or 16),shoes 11, a car (haha), anything for a house really
My mom has lost alot of weight so she would love some clothes that fit! Stress is a great diet sometimes. Jeans: 20Tall Shirts: 1x or 2x Shoes: 12
National Geographic For Kids Promised
11 y.o. Boy
any WWE action figures or anything to do with WWE or wrestling
Jeans: 34 x 29; Shirts - men's medium or boys XL
any transformers
Ladder Match (WWE)
Modern Warfare (video game for xbox)
Call of Duty (video game for xbox)
The NOLA Saints
11/23 - 21:15
26 y.o. Mother - working
Bedding for twin mattresses
ink for HP Printer (#s 21,22)

8 y.o. Boy
Clothes - size 10/12
Books - Any for an 8 y.o. boy. Curious George, Goosebumps, etc.
National Geographic For Kids Promised
Reader's Digest Promised
6 y.o. Girl

Clothes - size 7/8
Books - Disney, coloring books, cartoon books, stuff for a 6 y.o.

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