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Monday, August 04, 2008

Gardens Update

Hey everyone.

Long time no see.

Got great news about some of my families...

Many got seeds sent to them to start veggies. If the garden produced more than what they could consume, it was asked they share with others in need. And they have.

1 family in particular - Carol with her 2 grandkids - is particularly touching.

Carol has never gardened in her life. But because she's newly disabled, has no income, and 2 very rapidly growing kids in her life, she was willing to try anything. For that reason, I bought her about $60 worth of seed.

That $60 has turned into the most fun the kids have ever had during the summer, as they have done much of the gardening work for Carol. They've learned to follow directions, that directions WORK, that plants grow almost regardless of what you do or don't do to them. That gardening feeds your soul as well as your body. They've learned how to make different recipes, are learning how to can and make pickles and freeze. That being poor doesn't mean you eat poorly.

They, as a family, have eaten better this summer than the last 3 summers. They've never been hungry, and hopefully won't be hungry through most of the winter either, since the growing season is so long for them.

Carol has been able to eat to her heart's content and still lose weight - weight that her badly damaged knees can't support anymore. It's making her sugar better, her cholesterol better, her blood pressure better. She has less stress, sounds better, has more hope and is enjoying the struggle we call life far more than since I've known her.

To watch that entire family grow with the garden has been pure joy for me. It's a hope garden. Pure and simple.

Please consider helping a family by giving them veggie seeds. Whether it's in your community for a fall crop, or for next year and is a family far away. I don't care. The food grown isn't the only thing that nourishes.