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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Operation Blessing Completes Work

NEW ORLEANS - Two and a half years after Hurricane Katrina first broke the levees of New Orleans, Operation Blessing has completed its relief efforts along the Gulf Coast.

Since April 3, 2006, Operation Blessing's medical and dental clinics in New Orleans East have been providing free health care and prescription medicine to thousands of needy residents.

OBI plans to hand over the clinic and pharmacy to a local partner to continue helping residents in need.

During the last five months, OBI partnered with the Mayo Clinic, who sent monthly teams of volunteer doctors to New Orleans. It was a fruitful partnership that began in January 2007, when 38 Mayo personnel participated in "The 2nd Annual Greater New Orleans Medical Recovery Week," which gave thousands of needy residents access to free care.

Such help has been badly-needed

According to a report published by the New Orleans Health Department last year, the city's death rate increased by 48 percent in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

"Every level of our health care delivery system was affected," said New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin in his August 2007 testimony before Congress. "Since Hurricane Katrina, the only public clinical services in New Orleans East have been provided at a temporary site staffed by Operation Blessing, a faith-based nonprofit.”

At OBI clinic's ribbon-cutting ceremony in April 2006, Chairman Donald Powell, White House Federal Coordinator for Gulf Coast Rebuilding, called Operation Blessing the "best of America."

"I promise you these people are going to meet the needs," Powell said.

Both medical and dental clinics combined have treated more than 36,000 patients and filled more than 88,000 prescriptions.

But OBI's efforts have gone far beyond medical attention.

Early on, it became apparent that Katrina's devastation would have a serious long-term impact on the infrastructure of New Orleans.

OBI workers and volunteers were one of the first organizations on the scene providing food, drinks and relief supplies as well as staging mass food distributions with The Salvation Army.

In addition, OBI purchased heavy equipment, including two 18-ton cranes, to remove trees and major debris so that tarps could be secured on rooftops during initial rebuilding efforts.

In the months that followed, reconstruction became a top priority for OBI, with workers and volunteer crews helping to rebuild dozens of homes as well as restore community centers and parks.

Longer-term recovery efforts featured such programs as OBI's Bugbusters, a mosquito control program, as well as Ratbusters, a rodent control initiative. OBI also distributed cash grants totaling more than $4.8 million to partnering organizations, which helped an estimated 1.5 million people.

"It's rewarding to see people get the help they need," said Rick, 62, a retired Security Systems worker who came from Tennessee to volunteer at an OBI-sponsored event. "Everyone who comes through has a great attitude and that is proof New Orleans has the foundation to keep rebuilding."

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Resources VI - Volunteering

Local Organizations
Governor's Commission Housing Center

601 Bienville
Bay St. Louis
To volunteer call Frances Graves at 228 216 9701.
Hancock County Food Pantry - always needs people to help with food distribution
PO Box 4313
BSL, MS 39521
Boys and Girls Club - Lost 3 centers and needs help with the kids and rebuilding
Bay Waveland School District - still recovering and in need of volunteers to help rebuild
Calvary Chapel Kitchen 228-467-9629 Local org always in need of volunteers of all skills
Hancock County Animal Shelter - help with the animals.
P.O. Box 2274Bay St. Louis MS 39521-2274
(228) 216-PETS (7387)
Donations also accepted
Hancock County EOC - compiles lists of volunteers and needs volunteers to distribute
Hancock County Emergency Operation Center at the Annunciation School
5380 Kiln-Delisle Road
Bay St Louis
The church no longer stands, but the grounds are in use. Doing case management and has rebuilt 40 homes so far. Help.
Christ Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 2189
Bay St. Louis, MS 39521-2189
Our Lady of The Gulf - houses volunteers to assist in rebuilding
Our Lady Academy - houses volunteers in summer to rebuild their buildings and homes
St Rose de Lima Church
Lagniappe Presbyterian - see below
Foundation Hope see below
Waveland Animal Shelter
Waveland Animal Shelter
322 Gulfside St
Waveland, MS 39576
Volunteers to clean, walk the animals, be foster families, etc.
Donations also accepted

Organizations From Around the Nation
Adopt A Bedroom - No longer in "business".
BRICK Layers - if you're from Birmingham area of AL, you're welcome to join them in P-ton
BucksMont PA - Bucks/Montgomery counties, PA need volunteers to assist in Hancock County
Second Helpins - No Longer In "business"
Camp Victor - Group in Harrison and Hancock County assisting all in need
Charity In Action - in Montgomery County PA, needs volunteers to assist Hancock County
CitiImpact - from GA and is working throughout the region, needing volunteers
CityTeam - National org working in Bay St Louis until they aren't needed anymore.
Christian/Missionary Alliance - National org helping rebuild
Disaster Corps - Rebuilding with "green" materials with "green" technology
8 Days of Hope - 8 Days of Hope IV is coming up. 1500 volunteers went last time.
The Giving Circle
HANDS - Started by a MS legislator's wife - always in need of volunteers for rebulding
HandsOn - National org that is working throughout the region rebuilding
Karing - in IL and expanding rapidly! Working in Waveland to help rebuild
Katrina's Angels - "Virtual" volunteers working with families to help them recover individually
KenTenn Relief - No longer in "business"
Lagniappe Church -
Loving Neighbors - Activity Significantly Reduced
Manna Ministries - No longer in "business"
Mission From MN - No Longer in "business"
New Hope Construction - supplying low cost homes in a box
OHAAT - One House At A Time in Pearlington needs volunteers to build kit homes
Operation Blessing
Presby Disaster Assistance - National org assisting throughout the region
Port Townsend - Washington state adopted Bay St Louis to help rebuild. Teachers! You too
POD Church - Powerhouse of Deliverence - helping the HC Long Term recovery Org
Solving Poverty - Students
Think NOLA - One man needs a researcher to help him compile a "wiki" for NOLA.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Agency Of The Week

The Giving Circle Work trip will take place: October 2008 - please read their page for more information.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pearlington Update

Here are some pictures taken during Gustav. The lady was looking for her father since he refused to leave his home. Fortunately, he only took a few inches of water.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gustav Update

I haven't bothered posting anything until now since evacuation was so orderly.

Now that the storm has passed and people are checking out what they need, there are some needs that are coming to light...

Hancock County lost its radio station - during Katrina, it was the only one that stayed running out of a few hundred and served the entire area. This time they weren't so lucky.
Hancock county eoc 228 466 8320
I've put the word out to folks in my area of the need, and am going to start reaching out further, but if you know of anyone who has any of the components, please contact me at KatrinaCoalition@aol.com

Pearlington's Turtle Landing Bar was submerged. Unknown what it looks like now.

Homes in Pearlington have taken inches to feet of water.

Everything in Hancock County south of the tracks ended up under water.

Many of the dead trees standing are now down - but came down on power lines, houses, vehicles, etc. There have been many fires, and much collateral damage - the last gift from Katrina.

Will post more as I have it.

If you wish to help, I have access to many organizations other than the Red Cross that can use your help with much appreciation!


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