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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gustav Update

I haven't bothered posting anything until now since evacuation was so orderly.

Now that the storm has passed and people are checking out what they need, there are some needs that are coming to light...

Hancock County lost its radio station - during Katrina, it was the only one that stayed running out of a few hundred and served the entire area. This time they weren't so lucky.
Hancock county eoc 228 466 8320
I've put the word out to folks in my area of the need, and am going to start reaching out further, but if you know of anyone who has any of the components, please contact me at KatrinaCoalition@aol.com

Pearlington's Turtle Landing Bar was submerged. Unknown what it looks like now.

Homes in Pearlington have taken inches to feet of water.

Everything in Hancock County south of the tracks ended up under water.

Many of the dead trees standing are now down - but came down on power lines, houses, vehicles, etc. There have been many fires, and much collateral damage - the last gift from Katrina.

Will post more as I have it.

If you wish to help, I have access to many organizations other than the Red Cross that can use your help with much appreciation!


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