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Thursday, February 28, 2008

City Action Partnership

Feb 28
CAP Hurricane Relief 2008 Annual Report

Thanks to our volunteers and donors from the community, Glenn Reado, HandsOn Birmingham, Americorps, Boy Scout Troops, SouthPak, Smerfit Stone, UAB, and Jeffcoat & Associates who make everything we do possible. Also, special thanks to Bayer Company, Direct Relief International and our anoynmous donors!

• Made up and distributed approximately 2,500 kits of diabetic testing supplies donated by Bayer Company. Each kit has enough supplies for the average diabetic to test for a month. Made up 4 pallets of non-returnable samples of baby formula collected from the Post Office. Again thanks to all the volunteers.

• Made up and distributed over 170 first aid kits to tornado areas as well as gulf coast area to support volunteer rebuilding.

• Distributed approx. 10 pallets of medical supplies donated through UAB Hospital

• Went through 10 pallets of out-dated FEMA lunch boxes picking out items that were still good. We culled enough to make 3 pallets of tuna fish with forks and napkin sets. Americorps volunteers did most of this work.

• Held fundraiser which raised $2,000 for Hurricane Relief and $2,000 for MBSH (Metropolitan Birmingham Services for the Homeless). We donated our share to Hancock Co. Fire Rescue.

• Distributed 6 pallets of medical supplies donated by the Niagara Medical Alliance in Chicago.

• Distributed 4 pallets of ortho supplies and adult diapers donated through Heart to Heart (an international medical relief organization).

• Sponsored (2) 18-wheeler loads of cat food donated by Delmonte in Decatur to the Gulf Coast. This was done through Free Haul.

• Made 2 trips to MS/NOLA to sort and deliver supplies. One trip we took down a large copy machine found by Butch Fadely to Kathleen’s group in Waveland.

• Paid dues for a struggling clinic in Angie, LA to join the National Assoc. of Free Clinics.

• On the anniversary of Katrina, Channel 33/40 did a piece on our efforts partnering with Mt. Top Community Church.

• We met Carolina of Tri-Coastal on the highway with ½ pallet of water and Gatorade donated by Cousins Properties and ½ pallet of adult diapers from Heart to Heart.

• We asked and the Birmingham community or Clinic Network responded.

1. We put out the word that Pearl River Fire Rescue needed an EKG/deliberator machine and Butch Fadely coordinated a donation from Bham Heart Clinic.

2. We joined a drive to “Blanket the Bayou” and Cousins Properties, Greater Bham Humane Shelter, and the AWARE Club of Vestavia High School collected 3 pallets of blankets, linens and towels that were distributed to Bayou LaBatre and Hancock Humane Society.

3. We put out the word that an insulin pump was desperately needed in Bay St. Louis and St. Paul DeVincent in Baton Rouge came to the rescue.

4. We put out the word that an extra large wheel chair was needed in Gulfport and the Niagara Medical Alliance responded.

5. We put out the word that money was needed for an elderly couple to put in a septic tank so they could finally get back into their home and Mt. Top Community Church responded with a check for the entire amount.

6. We put out the word that we needed money and $8,000 was anonymously donated.

7. We put out the word that medications were needed and the free and sliding scale clinics and pharmacies made lists of what they had extra to donate.

8. We continue to have a wonderful relationship with Direct Relief International who keeps us in the loop of what is being offered to domestic clinics.

January 23
November December Update:

I regret to inform you that one of our most faithful volunteers, Becky "Grandma" Davis has passed away. I'm sure that many of you who worked in the hurricane relief warehouse after Katrina remember her. She was the crusty old homeless lady who volunteered one day and then almost everyday after that for almost 2 years. She was featured on Channel 33/40 in a couple of pieces they did on CAP's relief work. In addition to her volunteer work with us, Becky always tried to help other homeless people, whether it was telling them where to get food or medical help or just give them encouragement to stay off drugs. She also sat on ONB's Homeless Committee to share her unique point of view regarding homeless issues in Birmingham. Becky made many friends in the Birmingham community and she will surely be missed.

Thankfully, she was able to spend her last few months with her family in Augusta. Becky refused to let her daughter know that she was homeless until after she got housing and disability so that she could contribute. As you might guess, she had no insurance policy to pay for funeral expenses. If you would like to contribute to a fund we are collecting, please make your check payable to Becky Davis Memorial Fund and send it to CAP, 1801 3rd Ave. North, Birmingham, AL 35203. We would like to get a donation to the family as soon as possible.


June 7 Update

Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troop 440

Thanks to Glynn and Bunny and Boy Scout Troop 440, sent to us from HandOn Birmingham, we have 2 pallets of diabetic kits and a pallet and 1/2 of baby formula ready to go. We are still looking for people to transport down to the coast. Please let me know if you or your church are still going down. We are trying to be very careful with our donation money. :-)

Speaking of volunteering- There is a small community in Angie,LA (just below Tylertown, MS) in desperate need of volunteer help. They are off the beaten trail and not right on the coast, but Katrina went right through there and did a lot of damage. It's the elderly who need the help in this community. I know that there is sooo many opportunities for church teams, but let me know if your interested in this one. My contact is with the clinic there, but she is very involved in the community as a whole and has been quick to share extra medical supplies when she has them.

Update on Woman in Desperate Need of Insulin Pump: Charlie Sides from St. Vincent De Paul Pharmacy in Baton Rouge donated a brand new pump with the capability to hook up to a computer (should save on some doctor visits). While in the doctors office her blood sugar bottomed out then went up to like 400 (normal is up to 180) and the doc said he doesn't know how she has gotten this far without help. Without your support, we would not still be doing this. Thank you for this opportunity.

Speaking of support. We got word today that an anonymous donor is sending $3,000 for our work! Thank you sooo much! This happened because someone kept sending emails out to their personal list about what we have been doing. So tell your friends to check us out!! :-)

We were also contacted by HandsOn Gulf Coast for an extra large wheelchair with a leg lift. This time a group from Chicago, Nicaraguan Medical Alliance, came through for us. Yahoo! Thanks Bob, Jack and Jeff!

We were featured in the CAP Corner in Synergy. A copy of the article, "Are We Done Yet" can be linked here.

Next trip to MS is in the works. 4 pallets of ortho med. supplies and depends will be shipped into Pearlington to the W. Hancock Fire Rescue Dept. where we will sort and deliver to clinics who have requested specific items. This donation is coming from Heart to Heart in Kansas. Thanks Shannon and Jeff!!

This week we are going through 7-10 pallets of old food boxes (from another warehouse) pulling out the one item (tunafish) that is not expired and re-boxing for shipment. Thanks to Americorps for providing volunteers!

Attention Doctors: Clinics in still in need of insulin, Tetanus injections and allergy meds. Please contact us if you have samples you can spare.

Got a sneak preview of changes to CAT Relief Database in the works. This really cool tool is about to get even better!!! I can't wait!!

NEW FLASH! RKM Primary Care Clinic in Clinton, Louisiana and St. Charles Community Health Center in NOLA just offered some insulin!! We recently sent RKM some syringes and needles from the storage at the Salvation Army warehouse. Way to go RKM and St. Charles!!!

5/17 http://www.capisdowntown.com/may2007.htm Although we had a successful fundraiser and have been able to at last ship kits out directly to the clinics, we still need to "hook up" with volunteers traveling to MS and New Orleans. The more free shipping we get the longer the money will last. Also, as summer approaches the temperature on the shipping trucks becomes a concern with the test strips. The pallet shipping deal fell through because of the temperature issue. :-(

What a great time we had at our Foolish Fundraiser Party!. Everyone really enjoyed the band and dancing, and the food was yummy and plentiful-- thanks to generous donations of food from the downtown business community and friends. Not only did we have a good time, but we raised over $4,000 dollars!!! That’s $2,000 to Hurricane Relief and $2,000 to Metropolitan Birmingham Services for the Homeless (MBSH@bellsouth.net).
An unsolicited generous donation from an anonymous angel (made specifically to CAP’s Hurricane Program) will make it possible for the whole $2,000 plus to go to the West Hancock County Fire Rescue! AND, we will send the donation through Charities in Action who will match the money, making our donation amount to the struggling Fire Rescue over $4,000. Our most heartfelt thanks to our community of friends who supported this effort. We are humbled by your generosity and faith in us. Check out the support at the bottom of this update, and see yourself at MagicCityMoments.com for more pictures from the party.

Because of your generosity, diabetic supplies are on the move again! We have shipped to the following clinics and as you can see from this note from the Lower Ninth Ward Free Clinic these supplies are still crucial:

"Very Busy!!! Seeing a lot of uncontrolled diabetics. Please, the need for diabetic kits remains urgent!!! Pat"

D'Iberville Free Clinic, MS - 20 kits
Capitol City Family Health Center, NOLA - 20 kits
Coastal Family Health Center, MS - 20 kits
Primary Health Services Center, NOLA - 20 kits
Common Ground Free Clinic, NOLA - 10 kits
Lower Ninth Ward Free Clinic, NOLA - 15 kits
Bethel Lutheran Free Clinic, MS - 30 kits
Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy, AL - 55 kits
Manna Ministry, MS - 30 kits
Longbeach Coastal Clinic - 15 kits
Volunteers of America Free Clinic - 30 kits
Ibernia Comprehensive Comm. HC Ctr., LA - 20 kits
Angie Free Clinic, LA - 20 kits
Calcasieu Community Clinic, LA - 30 kits
Haviland Family Clinic, KS - 10 kits

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