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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MS Renaissance Garden Foundation

The Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation, Inc. and the Harrison County Beautification Commission invites you to participate in “Horticulture For Humanity”

Help us Bring Back the Beauty of the MS Gulf Coast

We will provide the seeds and bulbs if you will plant “Gardens of Hope” around the coast. Gardens may be small or large, in your yard or in your neighborhood. They may be planted by individuals or groups. When the garden blooms, send in pictures and a short story about how the garden brought hope and beauty into your life, your family, neighborhood, organization, church, school or business. Your story may be selected to win a Mississippi Renaissance Garden of Hope Award and may be featured in local magazines and the media.

Flower and vegetable seed packets as well as daffodil, hyacinth and allium bulbs donated by recovery organizations to The Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation will be given away to residents, organizations, schools, churches and businesses agreeing to plant them where they can be seen and enjoyed. The bulbs must be planted as soon as possible. Watch for dates, times and places of distribution in the Sun Herald and on WLOX. There is no charge for the seeds and bulbs; however, donations to the MRG Foundation are appreciated and will go toward the building of a botanical garden and horticultural center in Hiller Park in Biloxi, MS. All donations are tax deductable and receipts will be given.

The Harrison County Beautification Commission, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, is working with the MRG Foundation to Bring Back the Beauty of the gulf coast and to make communities cleaner, greener, safer and more livable. The Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization established by MS Gulf Coast residents as a response to the massive environmental destruction of Hurricane Katrina and the Governor’s Mississippi Renaissance Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal. Its mission is to create a “Horticulture for Humanity” botanical garden and horticultural center on the Gulf Coast to act as a base for restoring the green spaces lost in Hurricane Katrina and provide environmental education and horticultural therapy for the residents and volunteers working to rebuild the MS Gulf Coast.

A major step toward the building of this premier botanical garden will be the building of a model botanical garden and horticultural center in Biloxi at Hiller Park. This MRG model will be a retreat for those seeking peace and serenity, and a resource center for environmental education and recovery. It will stand to honor all of the survivors, responders, volunteers and heroes involved in Katrina recovery. A Memorial rose garden will be created to remember those who were lost during Katrina. Organizations, businesses or individuals interested in helping to develop various themed gardens within the model garden are invited to submit ideas, materials, services and financial resources. The MRG Horticultural Center will host artistic, cultural, educational and horticultural events for the public. Local artists are invited to participate in the visuals to be used in educational materials.

Individuals and groups interested in participating as Garden Angel Sponsors and Garden Volunteers for Hiller Park may find further information on the web site: http://www.msrengarden.org/ or call: 228-388-2622.

In appreciation for your participation and contributions to this humanitarian and environmental endeavor, The MRG Foundation and the Harrison County Beautification Commission will recognize your generosity with a “Gardener of Hope Card “ which offers special benefits.

They were the recipients of a great grant:

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