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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Katrina Connection - NOLA Site

Because of the genuine concern you have displayed since 2005, I'd like you to visit katrinaconnection.com, which was created to offer a fresh new outlet of expression for survivors, rescue workers, and concerned citizens, and help change media perceptions and offer positve views.

This site is not soliciting funds, which is why it is not a non-profit. There is and never will be a membership fee. It is simply an all-new, social networking & current affairs site, offering a change from the usual media about the New Orleans & Gulf Coast areas.

Objectives include, among other things, offering the most comprehensive current online links to resources available for survivors; offering interactivity through forums & visitor participation; providing news & news features affecting survivors; offering updates on life in and around New Orleans; and to push for indefinite investigations into the many unsolved missing or dead cases involving the hurricanes of 2005.

Please take time now to visit katrinaconnection.com, join and participate in our forums, and/or send a comment and tell us what you think.

Thank you.


Wayne Filmore

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