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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March 5 Think NOLA update

Help Me Obtain Funding for Online Mapping of the Recovery
I’ve applied for a grant to fund the continued development of maps at Think New Orleans. I need your help.
The grant is through a nonprofit that focuses on the Internet. The nonprofit is called NetSquared. They have a submission process where you post your submission online. They award the grant based on votes.
I need you to please vote for my project.

How to Vote for the Project
It is not as easy as it could be, so here’s the run down.
Join the NetSquared website – You need to register before you vote. Go to the registration page and register.
Wait for Approval – A moderator ensures that you’re not an auto-voting robot.
Leave stars and comments – Leave a bunch of stars and comments on the project entitled City Of New Orleans: A Mashup For Citizen Monitoring Of The Recovery.
The voting hasn’t started yet, you see. But, I’d like you to get registered and I’d like to you leave comments.
The best thing that you could do now, is to leave a comment. Ask for more features. Tell me what you think of the issue. Give me feedback on the grant.
The more comments the proposal receives the better. Comments show an interest in the project, because it will encourage votes.

Grant Details
The grant is really a prize. You can read about it at N2Y3 Mashup Challenge. Ignore the jargon.
From what I can tell, they’ll give a prize at an awards seminar. I’ll be working on web enabled maps for the recovery regardless. A cash prize only makes life easier.

GIS Workshops at Trinity Christian Community: How to Create Your Own Maps for Presentations and Proposals
Through the Broadmoor Project, Think New Orleans has obtained three licenses for ArcGIS that I’ll be installing on the computers at the Trinity Christian Community.
What: GIS Coworking
Where: Trinity Christian Community Center at 3908 Joliet St, New Orleans, LA (map)
When: Please complete this schedule poll to help us choose the right time: GIS Coworking Schedule Poll.
What Is Coworking?
Coworking is a concept that comes out of Silicon Valley. Solo professionals got tired or working out their rec-rooms or else shlepping it all to the Starbucks. They created these offices where you could have a desk, and share a space with other independents and freelancers.
These spaces are called coworking spaces. They are offices for freelancers.
This gives people the benefits of office space. They get to separate work from home, have a place for work, and have office mates that they can tap for assistance on projects.
From these coworking spaces, new collaborations are formed.
Continue reading about GIS Workshops at Trinity Christian Community: How to Create Your Own Maps for Presentations and Proposals at Think New Orleans.

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