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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update From Leslie

3/12 - St. Patrick's Day is close at hand!
My life has been incredibly insane, and have done virtually nothing with the blogs since I last wrote. Sad, but true. I just haven't had the energy or time.
My mother's condition deteriorated significantly, and the first attempt to stent her kidneys failed. They discovered the right was was beyond hope, and while the left one was still functioning, it wasn't long for this world. The surgeon who did the angioplasty/gram stated she needed renal artery bypass and to go to Albany, NY.
My sister lives in Baltimore, MD, works at a hospital there and contacted a surgeon regarding Mom's case. He felt confident he could place the stents.
Yesterday he tried. He succeeded. WOW - total relief for us all!
And since my mom was gone for over a week with pre-op stuff and then the procedure, I was bustling about the house getting odd jobs completed that I've not had the energy to do up until now. It's been wonderful getting all of these things done in such short order. It will make life far more efficient for all of us.
I still have many to do, but she will be returning to Baltimore for work on her left carotid artery in a few weeks, so I will be able to accomplish more then.
The relief that her kidney returned virtually to normal function is more than anyone knows. Renal Artery Stenosis patients that must go on dialysis don't live longer than 27 months. And without RAS patients figured into the life average - dialysis patients live at least 10 years. Very frightening to have such a short expectancy.
I've continued to collect magazines and vegetable seeds. Have sent all seeds out that I have thus far, making it a very hopeful time for well over 100 people. Thank you to all!

Am in contact with a gentleman running an organization in CA that has allotted a significant sum to grant to female-run non-profits doing hurricane relief work. I've sent him a list of the ones I am in contact with, as well as names of others who can give him more names, should he choose. It's a very wonderful feeling to be able to help folks out in this way!

Please take care and I hope to write again soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leslie, I am working with the Hancock Co. Recovery committee on a subcommittee to increase marketing our needs. One project we are starting on is to contact
National and local Labor unions, particularly electical, carpentry,plumbing to see if
they might be willing to organize some member volunteers to help us this winter.
We can likely provide living and feeding assistance, but not transportation.

Bill Blaisdell

02 October, 2006 19:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am wondering if you can tell me if there is anyone that can help me with my student loan debt...among other things. I lost my home, car, well, you know...everything in Katrina and that would include "My mind"! I was not able to work for one full year following the storm due to emotional problems. The stress effects of Katrina have been very hard on me. I don't like to admit that, but it is the truth. I am now working, but find that I cannot handle the stress that goes with a full time position with large responsiblilites. My memory is completely gone! My monthly salary is not enough to pay my bills anymore since our insurance has gone up so much. My home is larger than what I had before the storm and that is not by choice but by necessity since all the smaller homes were destroyed, thus my expenses have increased. I have student loans that I cannot pay. I do not want to default on my loans, nor can I work more than what I am. I need help and don't know where to turn. My expenses are 2,900 a month and I am only bringing home 1,900. I need help, but just don't know if there are any agencies out there that can offer me any assistance. My e-mail address is shrmpqn@yahoo.com if anyone knows of any assistance is out there that I should look at.
Thank you... for all you have done.

21 September, 2008 14:07  

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