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Friday, June 02, 2006

Kiln Volunteer

This is the first item I've gotten about Kiln, so was kind of thrilled about that! I know it sounds odd, but so little information comes out about Kiln, I have no clue how much damage occured or what is needed. Any help in gaining this info is much appreciated.


I believe the group I lead down in Hancock County accomplished quite a bit in our short week there. We enjoyed the people we served and the work we accomplished. Some of those in our group thought there should be a search for more volunteers with plumbing and electrical certificates, since a few of those we helped needed that type of work.

I would love to come back and help more. Whether with Mission from Minnesota or on my own. I would like to have information, if you have it, on where one could stay if they have limited funds, but can get themselves there to give their time and work. I know a few people who would love to help, but do not have much money.

I was suprised at the needs of the community, I was not sure what to expect, since the first time I came down, I was in New Orleans over Thanksgiving. The two areas have different, yet similar needs. All those in my group said they would love to volunteer again. I hope that jobs become more readily available locally. I hope to return in the near future.



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