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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Relief Supply Warehouse


Katrina Disaster Relief Supply Warehouse is now open.

The new IDTF (Interfaith Disaster Task Force) Disaster Relief Supply at 6516 Woolmarket Street , Biloxi MS , 39531 is now open and receiving all disaster relief supplies as of November 23rd. The warehouse is located north of interstate 10 between exits 41 and 44 on Woolmarket Road . This warehouse was picked because of its centralized position and the ability to receive or deliver supplies West, East, and South of its location. With it being right off of the interstate it has the ability to quick and easy access.

The Interfaith disaster task force has created a multi-denominational warehouse where relief supplies from all faiths can be stored and shared for the Interfaith members within the disaster area. Each faith that deposits needed disaster supplies within the warehouse will have the capability of drawing from those combined supplies deposited as the need arises. With the efforts of IDTF the supplies will include a wider variety of building materials then originally delivered by a single group. Items from a variety of sources will include paper towels, food, tools, building supplies, roofing shingles, etc… Everything from toilet paper to sheet rock will be accepted at a warehouse between the hours have 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Saturday.

Once the supplies are received at the warehouse, they will be checked and sorted for usability. Some items will need to be repaired or cleaned before they are ready to be used. All supplies will then be shelved until requested. High dollar items such as cordless drills and power equipment will be stored in a secure location, until requested by the construction work crews.

Records of incoming and outgoing shipments will be on file at the warehouse for all participating members to view. Any members of the IDTF that have not participated in the efforts to equipped the warehouse with supplies will need special dispensation from the IDTF committee before they will be allowed to draw from the Disaster Response Supply.

The warehouse sits on three acres and will include forklift offloading and palette jacks within the cold storage warehouse. Included within the property limits is the capability of outside storage protected by a security fence, and alarm system, where these items will be stored. Future plans are to include refrigerated storage as the equipment becomes available. When requested they will be disbursed to each of the three different counties for the rebuilding of homes that fall under the category of,” unmet needs with in the next 2 years”. Supply requests can be placed by phone, fax, or Internet, and can be picked up at the warehouse during operational hours.

The warehouse will also be used as a hub for construction team information such as:
Info source for New building code requirements within each of the 3 individual County areas.
Contact information for each of the local county and city services such as building inspectors, electrical inspectors, and building permit applications.
Updated working information for subjects such as identifying the different varieties of mold, and the approved methods of killing or destroying mold. As well as safety concerns for volunteers operating within a mold infested area.
A posting board, for specific items needed by construction teams.
A posting board for health or regulatory safety procedures or methods within each County.

As needed disaster relief supplies come into Mississippi , some locations are receiving an overabundance of certain supplies they could be used in other regions. Those other regions likewise, have received an overabundance of other supplies. With the IDTF efforts to share these overabundance of supplies within the disaster supply warehouse, the supplies will be shared within the Interfaith churches for the rebuilding of family life’s that did not have enough/or no insurance for their homes.

Also as donations start decreasing within the next few months, the needed construction supplies will become harder to have on hand. This warehouse gives us the capability to store all items for longer period of time. So as the need arises months from now for cabinets or windows “or other items” if they have been deposited within the warehouse, they will be stored for the use of all IDTF members.

Opening on Wednesday November 23rd, any and all relief supplies will be accepted at the IDTF Disaster Supply Warehouse, on Woolmarket St to complete these volunteer efforts. All those wishing to contribute supplies to the warehouse are requested to call Sarge (John Rich) at 228-282-4126 for the coordination of the supply deliveries. There is also a small capacity to schedule supplies to be picked up within the three County areas from the warehouse.
Please keep in mind that this effort can only benefit the disaster victims as long as we all cooperate in depositing items within the warehouse for the combined sharing of all supplies.

John Rich “Sarge “ DirectorI.D.T.F. Disaster Relief Supply House6516 WoolmarketBiloxi, Mississippi.39531

Personal Cell phone: (228) 282-4126
Fax line, incoming and outgoing 228-354-0970
Main incoming line for the warehouse. 228-354-0969


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