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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Office Equipment For NGOs


From Citizen Action Team - who is working with Kinkos!:
Leslie Teltoe: 818 360-2518 5-9 pm (west coast hours) M-Fri & weekends
grassrootsrebel@yahoo.com anytime.

We are working on an experiment to distribute used office equipment from a large corporate donor to humanitarian groups. Copiers, faxes, computers, servers, all kindsa stuff.

Let us know who you are, where you are, and a little about your organization.
When/if equipment becomes available in your area, we will let you know.

The process goes like this.
1. You get on our list.
2. When/if equipment becomes available in your area, we let you know.
3. If you want the equipment and you say, "YES, we want this item".
4. We ask for it formally.
5. We either get the equipment "assigned" to us or not.
6. If the equipment is "assigned" to you, then a call is placed letting the site know that you are coming.
7. You pick it up
8. You let us know when you've gotten it.
That's it! Free equipment!

BUT....we must follow the rules to make this experiment work and for us to get more free stuff, from corporations for humanitarian organisations.

RULES: If the equipment gets assigned to you, then you MUST be able to pick it up within one week of it being ASSIGNED to you.
If you can't pick it up or you don't have someone that can act as your alternate to pick up the equipment, then don't ASK for it.
Obviously, there are problems and there might be a time that you can't pick it up.
But if we want this experiment to work, then we want the number of times that we fail to be nearly zero.
If we want the experiment to work, we need to have things go smoothly. We need to show the corporate donors that we, as grassroots relief workers can follow rules.
So, if there is any doubt about whether you can pick up the equipment, please do not ask for it. Simple as that.

In Service,
The Citizen Action Team/Relief Database Team
Terra Friederichs/Leslie Teltoe/Dayle Nugent

Leslie: 818 360-2518 5-9 pm M-Fri & weekends


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