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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Letters Needed

This is for everyone who has worked with Bryan Rutkosky in Hancock County, MS. I've not, so I can't write a letter, but I know many of you have...

Dear friends,
As you may have heard I was in the hospital for food poising last week.
Im the alternative health kind of guy who has placed little faith in our
medical system but when I reached the point of dire emergency because
I could no longer handle the kind of pain I was in or think clearly for myself...
I put it off as long as I could and I knew I could not afford a hospital visit,
but after being up all night in pain, this was my breaking point.
I was treated for 4 days ($$) at Winter Park Hospital. I am much better now
and working to rebuild my digestive track and get clean of all the antibiotics
I was given through IV. So, what do I want from you????
Im not writing you to beg for money, you've probably never heard me ask
for anything, I usually roll with the punches. But today I need something.
A liver....... to be specific, your liver.
Na, just kidding ... (ok...you can breathe now) I just need your help to complete
a huge financial miracle. One of the staff had been so moved by my mom telling
them what I had been doing in Mississippi for the last year, that word got to a
financial officer that in turn came and talked to me.
She has informed me that the hospital may be able to cover 100% of my bill
because of my efforts in disaster response. BUT this is what she needs in order
to plead my case to the financial assistance board. THIS is where YOU are needed.
I need 'letter(s) of support' from anyone who can substantiate who I am and the
fact that I put my life and job on hold for the last year to volunteer my time and
resources in Hancock county Mississippi. The letter does not have to be long.
Yes I have a nice looking $3000 Mercedes that runs on vegetable oil, and yes I
went on staff with ACTS for a couple months only after running the well dry by
volunteering for 5 months straight. However, as I told them, I AM currently unemployed
because I chose to stay in Mississippi when ACTS pulled out to re-stage their
equipment some 4 months ago.

If you were forwarded this message or need to know more about me please visit
If you are a local resident and have been helped by the 4000+ college kids that
were housed at Morrell Foundation or at the ACTS Camp at the Kiln Ballfield
(Projects I was heavily involved in ground volunteer coordination and as
camp director) or by the ACTS Distribution Point at 'Fred's Market' in
Waveland.. then please take a moment to write something.
This will greatly help me as I am continuing my efforts in Hancock county even
now as I am finishing the process of relocating to the Kiln ( I was in Orlando
arranging the transport of $80,000 in donated trucks and equipment to be used
by ministries in the Hancock area when I went into the hospital.)
WRITE A LETTER OR EMAIL ME @ the address below.
Bryan Rutkosky
5398 Endicott Place
Oviedo, FL 32765
FAX: 866-773-0563 (it should still be up)
Keep me in your prayers,
and thank you soooo much,
B r y a n R u t k o s k y
4 0 7 - 3 1 2 - 0 2 6 2
...when you really listen, love is what they will hear.


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