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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hello Everyone!

Clayton Cubbitt gave me the courage to start a blog about the things I've tried to accomplish as well as the things I've actually accomplished for his home town Pearlington as well as his home county, Hancock County MS.

My journey has been about 8 weeks long thus far and has taken me places I've never before thought possible.

Not literally, but you get the idea. And the only reason I've done what I've done rather than go down and be just 1 more pair of hands is that I am disabled. I can't go down and be another pair of hands like I once could. I can only make phone calls, write emails and write letters. It's a long, tedious process, but one that seems to be making some progress and some difference.

Thanksfully! I've often wondered if what I've done has made a wit of difference, but then a great phone call comes along and I *know* it has.

So, with any luck, I'll post a couple of times a week as I have news worth reporting.

I am going to be posting how I have gone about my work so that others might be willing to do the same. If you have ANY questions about how to do any of the things I've done, write to me. #1 - I'll tell you to grow a big set of brass ones and #2 - let you know of any resources I have in hopes of making it easier on you. No sense in re inventing the wheel.



Blogger Rose said...

I do a lot of grant research and its always good to find blogs of interest. So many people in the Katrina-affected areas think that there is no help available to/for them but they are so wrong.

You are using your skills very wisely with this blog.

So many people talk of what they can't do - instead of concentrating on what they can do - something that YOU are doing by having this blog

14 July, 2007 17:54  

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